White Jeans Styled Two Ways

Hello World! It has been some time since my last post. House buying, moving in and setting up a new home, and life getting in the way! Finally, getting back, and as an additional incentive, the NaBloPoMo for May involves photography. I have loved photography from an early age and miss being in the darkroom, winding a spool of B&W film and developing it; making my own prints. But I am slowly getting to know my iPhone, the various apps for editing photos taken with it, and learning how to use Instagram....more

Let your Kids be Your Coaches

Love this!! Great advice!more

Comparison Voice No More

 "Comparison is the thief of joy". -Theodore Roosevelt    The above quote stopped me short as I was reading it on another blog site because literally in the moment of finding it I was thinking "the person who designed this image has nicer web stuff than I do". ...more

It Smells Like a Cow in My Purse! (Thrifty Thursday)

…and I LOVE IT!!!!!!When Hubby returned home last night , we had already been 3 hours with no water. He decided to take his girls for dinner and the said he needed to get some new shirts and suggested we head to Value Village. (Yeah!)As we pulled in the parking lot he gave me a id="mce_marker"5 budget. (What, do I look like someone who might go spend crazy in Value Village? Uh….yah!)...more
I have several thrift store finds that I loved a J. Crew jacket with the tags still on it! And a ...more

My Kid Has a Bad Attitude and it has to Change!

I coach a lot of people who have kids who do not seem to be living up to their parent’s expectations. Here are several of the things I hear: “I have an 8 year-old son and when things do not go his way, he pouts. It drives me crazy. I tried talking to him regarding it, but it really doesn’t help.” “My kid yells and screams until finally he gets his way.” ...more

Middle of the Road

Welcome! To both of us. This is my initial post to this blog and I am happy to have it underway. I initially wrote 'thrilled' but really it's a bit nerve wracking; either I am writing to myself or someone is actually reading this. But as my wise New Year's Eve fortune cookie said last night, "Everyone likes progress, but no one likes change." So this is me taking my own advice and forcing a fork in the road. Hopefully my stumbling illuminates a path, making it easier for other people to give it a try. (Yeah, that wasn't so bad.)...more
Exactly! I think we are on to something. :-) Today was much more enjoyable since I had that ...more

Is the Grass Greener on the Other Side?

I coach lots of people who're in a state of dissatisfaction with something in their lives. ...more

For Her Entertainment

  Hmmmm, seems like there's a backstory here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bren5pBsrZg&feature=related (26 sec) ...more


"Follow effective action with quiet reflection....more

Shoving A Camera In Her Face

    When we stop buying gossip magazines - there won't be a market for photos of celebs getting their coffee or running errands (who honestly cares?) and the paparazzi won't get a big p...more