What Poly Prep, Lance Armstrong and Dance Moms All Have in Common

I just finished watching Friday Night Lights for the umpteenth time, a movie that is, in my opinion, one of the best movies ever made. The acting is superb, the music is haunting, and the editing is flawless. Even if you hate football you have to like this movie, it is that good. And, as is the case with any great sports story, the best part is the end, the part where everyone plays their heart out, leaves it all on the field....and loses....more

Battling Homophobia in Women's Basketball

At this month's NCAA Women’s Final Four in Indianapolis, a number of events took place focusing on the state of women’s basketball. In association with The Fling, an annual get together which seeks to unite fans of women's sports and combat homophobia, WomenTalkSports.com co-founder Megan Hueter conducted a series of exclusive interviews with well-known experts to address the issue. ...more

Play a game / contest for best blog entry about love and relationships of 2010

Hi, I'm playing a game to find the most inspirational blog posts about love, relationships, dating, etc. in 2010.  Come submit a link to your favorite post on your own blog to get some visibility.  I'll compile these into an eBook to gain additional visibility for your blog.  Find out more at: http://singleagainonlinediary.blogspot.com/2010/12/december-game-best-blog-posts-of-2010.html Hope to see you there!...more

An open letter to parents and coaches: You are under surveillance

Related to my somewhat recent post about mothering in front of one's mother, while at several different kid sporting events today, I had occasion to reflect on something similar. It's not just my mother who is watching me. My kids are laser focused on me while I'm at their sporting events. And not just me, but every other parent there, and particularly parent-shaped coaches (my kids are young enough that all their coaches are parents of a player on their teams.)...more

What Not To Wear This Fall - Hitler's Moustache Is Passe

elizabeth:  I was having a really nice lunch with an old friend the other day. We talked for hours and then decided to take a walk around the town. We had been roommates here years ago and we were the young hippie girls with long flowing hair and skirts who believed in the goodness of people and that anything was possible. All we needed was love.  We came upon a man standing outside the town hall. He had a table set up with papers and posters.  I couldn’t make up what they were about until we got closer. And then I lost my mind....more

Clara Shortridge Foltz and her Legacies

I was sitting in the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center court house in downtown Los Angeles. I got called for jury duty. A responsibility that most upstanding Americans expended their most creative efforts to get out of serving. 300 of my fellow Americans failed to find that perfect excuse. ...more

She is truly an inspiration, and I'm glad that something interesting came from your jury ...more