Oversized Parka + Sneakers.

Oh winter, you beast. What's a girl to do when the temps are bitterly cold and spring is still months away? Grab an oversized parka and roll with it....more

Winter Wear: Plaid Statement Coat + Red Pumps.

Who says your outerwear has to be basic?...more

Top Trends For Women’s Uppers

Women’s jackets and coats are not only an excellent way to keeping one warm on those chilly evenings, but also a great addition to any outfit. While protecting form the cold or rain, they also give your outfit a polished touch, making it suitable for any occasion, formal or casual. Regardless of the reason you’re wearing a coat for, it is worth choosing carefully as it can change the way you look while making or breaking your entire outfit....more

Winter Gypsy.

Happy happy 2016! Hope your New Year's was bright + merry....more

Sleeveless Military Peacoat.

I wanted something with ...more

Get Your Coat.

'Tis the season to bundle up....more

Good Sport + $300 Tory Burch Giveaway.

Places to go, errands to run, gifts to buy. That's my motto in the days leading up to Christmas, at least. Holiday shopping is not for the weak of heart; my M.O....more

Sherling + Chambray.

Say what you want about shearling, it's warm and cozy. Definitely keeps the crazy cold wind currently ravaging Kansas City at bay. (Seriously, we were in the 70s a week ago, and in the 30s ever since....more

Errand-Running Edge + Joules Outerwear.

Looking sharp while running errands is a challenge anytime, much less in the dead of winter when you’re dealing with salty, slushy streets and slippery market floors. While I’m not above a late-night grocery run in my sweatpants, errand-running at noon on a Saturday requires a one to be a bit more presentable.The team at Joules was kind enough to let me select a few items to style for just this type of outing. I had a few requirements:...more