Kicking the Big Red Can

I am a Coca Cola girl, not Pepsi, but Coca Cola…and the 100% full strength kind. I don’t do Coke Zero and Diet Coke makes me gag. I don’t drink coffee so my Coca Cola is my morning pick me up. The big red can, or bottle, is like my alarm clock. Years ago, one of the office assistants would check to see if I had my morning “dose” before she would bring anything really big to me (she was playing it safe). It has been my sweet addiction....more

The Kitchen Think: Turning Your Back On Your People

Extremely disappointed that the Hispanic Federation says it is going to fight New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s drive to ban super-sized sugary drinks.The Hispanic Federation and NAACP have joined the American Beverage Association’s lawsuit against Bloomberg’s proposal to limit sodas to 16 ounces in the city, which would go into effect March 12.This is the reason: according to the lawsuit, “minority-owned delis and corner stores will end up at a disadvantage compared to grocery chains.”...more

Going Into Own Business For The Right Reasons

I have recently observed many managers quitting the corporate job for their vision of starting their own Company. Right or wrong, the future will tell. They have to be sure they do not join the entrepreneurship world just because of their need to achieve bigger personal freedom, money or fame. Or because they think they have no other choice and look for an easy escape. These internal, personally driven reasons for launching a start-up are wrong....more

Is Santa fat?

Over on the Rudd Sound Bites blog, I found that activists such as Meme Roth are taking exception to Santa's tubby shape. Not just Meme Roth, the US Surgeon General, Steven Galson, also thinks that Santa sets a bad example by being morbidly obese and must really slim down. ...more