Sparkling Peach and Strawberry Sangria

What do you get if you smush a mimosa and a glass of sangria together?...more
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Hot Summer Nights

Booze Watermelon Cocktail...more

Make These Blackberry-Thyme Jam Mimosas for Brunch!

One of our favorite brunch drinks is a good mimosa. Though it's usually made with orange juice, we put a little twist on ours by swapping the OJ with blackberry-thyme jam. (Life hack: We made our own jam (which is super easy), but if you are in a rush, simply taking some blackberry jam that you have on hand and heating it until it is a thinner consistency will work, too. ) ...more
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King Cake Cocktail

Happy Mardi Gras, ya'll! Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday and it's something we love to celebrate in our family. Every year, my parents send us a King Cake from a local bakery near their home in Louisiana and it's always a highlight of our dreary winter....more

Mistletoe Mojito

Its been a while since I posted any new clean cocktails on EatLaughDrink. I'm not sure if it's because I've been experimenting with mostly food instead of booze, or because I've naturally become more relaxed since I past my RD exam (probably a combo of both)....more

The "Happy Pill" of Holiday Cocktails (and Survival)

(This is a great and festive cocktail for Christmas too!)Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and with it comes the ensuing craziness (and let's be honest, Drama!) of the holiday season. My husband's family tends to be pretty "Brady Bunch" - calm, cool, collected. Mine on the other hand...oh boy, you better hold on tight. It's gonna be one hell of a ride. ...more

Friday Afternoon Bruschetta and White Sangria

I have mentioned my pinterest obsession before….the clothes, the food, the house, the organised life I live within my Pinterest boards. I love my pin boards. They are full of everything I love/want/need and also lots of stuff I have no place for but still adore. I also have plenty of useful things on there. I have a wonderful board full of cool and exciting things to do with my boys....more

Vanilla Pear Cocktail

 Back when I hosted ...more

Yukka Flux Cocktails

What a weekend! The weather was gorgeous, we have trees in our backyard now, our neighborhood barbecue was a success, and... my computer's fixed!...more