Blood Orange Gin & Tonics

This Blood Orange Gin & Tonic is such a bright spot. It always reminds me that Spring is real and it is coming. It’s quite tart which is my go-to cocktail profile but also has some sweetness from the blood orange to round it out. ...more

Yum Yum Shrimp Cocktail


Nuts and Berries Cocktail

I don’t remember how, but Zach discovered this nuts and berries cocktail while we were in college and it’s one of his favorite things. (In fact, most of his favorite cocktails involve milk or cream, somehow.) It’s easy to make and it doesn’t require much alcohol, so you’ll get more for the money you spend.It’s also quite tasty....more

How to...Cocktails on the Down Low

   Cocktails can sometimes be a little tricky to drink and serve in public places.  If it is a pre-symphony “wine and cheese on the lawn” kind of thing then you will be fine and the sounds of your martini shaker will draw envious oohs and ahhs from neighboring picnickers.    If your alcohol consumption needs to be low key, I recommend an old favorite drive- in movie theater trick…premix your cocktails at home and then transfer t...more

Has “Mad Men” Brought Back the Romance of the Cocktail?

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior EditorIf you are a fan of the Mad  Men show, then you know that the era’s drink of choice was the cocktail – and not just one… Set in the 60′s in NYC, the era romanticized the Rat Pack’s image of a bottomless drink and a smoke, a vice for each hand....more

Quick & Simple Margaritas

Enjoy a quick and simple Margarita! Just pour tequila over lemon or lime sorbet! How great this would be for a picnic or the beach?! - TIP TESTED: SUCCESS! For more quick and simple TIPs, visit ...more

Never Underestimate the Power of a Punchbowl

Today's pithy pearl of wisdom is short and sweet: Never Underestimate the Power of a Punchbowl...especially in these tough economic times. People love punch...old or young, male or female, Catholic or Agnostic. And, like Betty White, its appeal crosses all racial and socioeconomic lines. I have seen, with my own bloodshot eyes, a bearded construction worker and Feminist Studies professor merrily clinking glasses with a Dolly Parton impersonator....more
Something I love to do is serve Sangria in a punch bowl.   it looks so festive!more

Five Classic Drinks to Make for Your Man

I love mixing drinks for my husband. But before you picture me padding around in a subservient Stone Age, I'll let you in on what I get out of it....more Thank you, Robin! I've just started at BlogHer but am enjoying it!more

World Cocktail Day:The Bloody Pearl- Aroma Cucina

World Cocktail Day:The Bloody Pearl- Aroma Cucina 2ptGin,2ptBloodOrange,1/4ptPastis,muddlMint ...more