Sweet and Spicy Pecans

Sweet and Spicy PecansThe perfect nibble to set out for pre-dinner cocktails. These are also a fantastic addition on a salad.Click to view recipe:  http://www.thesensuist.com/Sweet_and_Spicy_Pecans.html...more

Delicious Appetizer Bites for Your New Year's Party

A fabulous New Year's Party must include sumptuous appetizers. While I was assembling this collection to serve at a New Year's party, I kept in mind a couple of things:...more
@LivingInnov Hey!  Last night I also made some artichoke and parmesan spread and stuffed it into ...more

How to Prepare a Wonderful Pre Prom Party

Put a twist on the typical pre-prom gathering with a cocktail party. A nice addition is to create a designated primping station for the girls to touch up their hair and makeup before everyone goes to dinner or prom. Grab some sodas, ice cream and champagne glasses, and get the party started. Take plenty of pictures to post online and share....more