The Crimson Kiss

Crimson Kiss Every year this happens to me… I think of at least ten things I want to post about for Valentine’s Day and invariably, I’m scrambling at the last minute to make one....more

13 Booze & Wine Cocktails for Coping with Election Season

Feeling a little (or ALOT) stressed about the upcoming elections? Especially after the first debate between Donald and Hillary?So are we!...more

Lemon Thyme Cocktails Featuring Limoncello Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks

I fell in love with the idea of boozy rock candy a few weeks ago. I know!  Genius. I was just casually sucking down sugar crystals and pondering how I could improve the jittery high when it occurred to me. They are making all the things boozy these days. This place in New York City serves alcohol infused snow cones. It seems inevitable that someone, somewhere might get around to alcohol infused rock candy. But according to my Internet research, I am the first. I get to plant my freak flag on planet boozy rock candy. Go me....more

Warming Cocktails for Cold Nights

To help keep you warm during this Spring frost, I’m sharing these warm cocktail recipes for a cold winter’s night from FIX. It might not be winter any longer, but the temperatures aren't letting up for y'all living in the Northeast.These cocktails will help you forget how cold it is outside while making you feel all warm and cuddly.Luckily, winter weather doesn’t last forever (although it seems to sometimes) and it is officially Spring, with Summer following close behind....more

Make the perfect Bloody Mary tonight!

When you’re at the gym and you get this text from your husband:“Bring vodka,”…well, you just do it. You drive to the nearest liquor store and buy some damn vodka.Let’s rewind, okay?Out of the clear blue, I got a hankering for a Bloody Mary.  I said to my husband “let’s make Bloody Mary’s” so we went to the grocery store and bought tomato juice, celery salt and tabasco sauce.Unfortunately, it stopped right there....more

Say Cheers On World Gin Day With These 10 Gin Cocktail Recipes

World Gin Day is almost upon us and I couldn't be more happy about it. There was a time when I didn't like gin but that is well in the past. Nothing quite says summer to me like a cold gin and and tonic on a hot summer day. Gin and tonic was the first gin cocktail I really loved, but I'm trying to branch out. Here are 10 gin recipes that I would be thrilled to toast with on World Gin Day. Cheers! The Gin Daisy...more
Tangueray n' Tonic, please!more

An A-Z Guide of Forgotten Cocktails

By: W. Castellanos-Wolf...more
Cocktail Crafty Yes, please use it! Thanks for offering to be a judge for the CCC!more