Make the perfect Bloody Mary tonight!

When you’re at the gym and you get this text from your husband:“Bring vodka,”…well, you just do it. You drive to the nearest liquor store and buy some damn vodka.Let’s rewind, okay?Out of the clear blue, I got a hankering for a Bloody Mary.  I said to my husband “let’s make Bloody Mary’s” so we went to the grocery store and bought tomato juice, celery salt and tabasco sauce.Unfortunately, it stopped right there....more

Say Cheers On World Gin Day With These 10 Gin Cocktail Recipes

World Gin Day is almost upon us and I couldn't be more happy about it. There was a time when I didn't like gin but that is well in the past. Nothing quite says summer to me like a cold gin and and tonic on a hot summer day. Gin and tonic was the first gin cocktail I really loved, but I'm trying to branch out. Here are 10 gin recipes that I would be thrilled to toast with on World Gin Day. Cheers! The Gin Daisy...more
Tangueray n' Tonic, please!more

I'll Drink To That: Trinidad Sour

An A-Z Guide of Forgotten Cocktails

By: W. Castellanos-Wolf...more
Cocktail Crafty Yes, please use it! Thanks for offering to be a judge for the CCC!more

Summertime Moscow Mules!

The drink Moscow Mule a 1950 throw back is gaining again in popularity. First introduced in the US as a way to sell vodka: this drink is a refreshing cocktail especially for a summer evening. Served in the traditional chilled cooper mug(you need the mugs in my opinion for a true Moscow Mule!) Easy to make by even the most inexperienced mixologist.  ...more

Vodka Tonic Refrigerator Pickles

Last weekend, we had a terrible hail storm. It ripped apart my entire cucumber bed. ...more

Mango Pineapple Moscato Cocktail

I love a good cocktail, especially during the summer. With  summer finally arriving, what better way to celebrate than with a tasty and refreshing cocktail! I promise my ‘Mango Pineapple Moscato’ cocktail will not disappoint. It’s light, crisp and simply refreshing. Try it and let me know what you think… ...more

The Perfect Cocktails for Tax Day!

Photo credit: Buh-bye to your hard-earned cash! Yup, today's the day to send a big fat check to the I.R.S. How do you get over the sadness of a depleted bank account? How about raising a glass and saluting the fact that you were able to send your stuff in with a minimal of hysterics....more

The Pink Drink by The Gourmet Mom