Make Your Own Gin (no bathtub necessary)

[image via The HomeMade Gin Kit] ...more

Super Bowl Sparkling Cocktails

In my household, Super Bowl isn't just a day where we gather around the tv and watch men running with a ball across a large grassy field while trying to avoid getting tackled by the opposing team. It's an event. We usually have anywhere between 20 and 40 of our closest football-loving friends over. Decorations start going up a few days before game day and eventually they cover practically every square inch of blank space. ...more

Hey Frangelico, meet me after dinner!!

Sofia has been at it again! This time she sent me a wonderful bottle of Frangelico. I was pleased to learn that Frangelico, in conjunction with celebrity Chocolatier MarieBelle, is set to unveil a limited edition truffle for the holiday season....more

Twitter vs. Cocktail Hour

In the 18th century, to break up the monotony of stoking fires and slaughtering oxen, American housewives tatted, going blind making lace, blissfully unaware that it was the pre-cursor to Hanky Panky thongs. In the 19th century, women had their salons, performing for each other, and leaving us a legacy of reality stars who are talentless, yet revered. In the middle of the 20th century, women stopped with all the activities, and started drinking. Heavily.  The only way out of the tedium of housewifery was the three martini lunch. Eventually, Martinis gave way to the less social Valium, then the more social Prozac, and finally the insanity of Soul Cycle.Today, women no longer need mind altering substances to escape from the numbing tedium of every day life.  We have Twitter.But are drinking and tweeting really all that different?  You decide:...more

New York State of Mind - Happy Hours & Adult Beverages!

New York State of Mind part 3 - Adult Beverages & Happy Hour In 7 days, my Outlook calendar will fully take over my life in NYC at BlogHer. I feel we deserve a few cocktails along the way ...more

Prickly Pear White Wine Spritzers

      This week the theme for #SundaySupper is Beat the Heat which is being hosted by Jen at Juanita's Cosina. It's been in the 90's here on and off for the past month and the only thing I wanted to beat the heat was a nice, cool drink. Whenever it's hot, I want something that is light, fruity, and refreshing....more

Get the party started ... have a cognac party at your place!

The party was at my brother-in-law's last weekend for a combination celebration of my nieces 30th birthday and Father's day and it was a perfect time to have a Cognac Party! Ever have one?Miss Sophi sent me a very nice bottle of Camus' Cognac Borderies XO to try and review* and that's just what we did as we all enjoyed the warm, sunny day in my BIL's backyard....more

Rum cocktails? Why not!

Graduation parties all around! I had a great weekend celebrating my nephews college graduation. My sister was a gracious host and the party was a delight. The fun part was the Flor de Cana Rum arrived just in time  to be a hit and we made pitchers of ... read more...more

Sun Fun with Rum

Happiness is being asked to take on a 'Fun in the Sun' project! Plus I have a 'Spiked Ice Tea' drink to share and I'll tell you all about it here ... Yo Ho Ho!!...more

Summertime Cocktails

Each summer I like to pick out a cocktail to make my signature for season. This summer it will be ... Read More...more