World Cocktail Day:The Bloody Pearl- Aroma Cucina

World Cocktail Day:The Bloody Pearl- Aroma Cucina 2ptGin,2ptBloodOrange,1/4ptPastis,muddlMint ...more

World Cocktail Day, What's Shaking?- Aroma Cucina

World Cocktail Day, What's Shaking?- Aroma Cucina

Seasonal Cocktail: Tangiers: Aroma Cucina

Seasonal Cocktail: Tangiers: Aroma Cucina correction: DEFINITELTY add a Campari rinse to the rocks B4 shake.  It adds an amazing complexity to this Spring cocktail.  Give it a shot and pardon the pun!

Getting Closer to Book Release Time...Finally!

Remember the scene towards the end of the movie Julie and Julia where Julia Child is sitting in her kitchen holding her cookbook in her hands?...more

Creating Stories - Negroni - LOVE

Creating Stories - Negroni - LOVE ...more

Bring on Christmas!

This is a blog that I did on Christmas eve....more

A Bubblicious New Year

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year – especially if you’re a Bubbly Girl like me. Why do I love this wine? Because it’s impossible to be in a bad mood while drinking a glass of bubbly. Just try, I dare you. Pop the cork, fill your glass with the fizzy liquid and as the bubbles race to the top, can’t you feel your mood rise? You’ll be smiling by the time that glass reaches your lips. ...more

Amen for bubbly Maria.
You know, I just discovered how incredible bubbly can be in baked goods ...more

The Heart Breaker

So I woke up this morning - yep believe it or not. I did it. That was a high point during the day. ...more

Thanks ladies!
I have a few lemons left, a tart might be in order!

Michelle Stiles writes ...more

A Fashionably Bombed Guide to the Top 5 Holiday Cocktails

We, here at Fashionably Bombed headquarters, have been slaving away trying to invent and re-invent the most amazing holiday cocktails just for you!  It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it!  Here we’ve narrowed it down to our five favorites.  Oh, and as always, we've included a little fashion inspiration, because a girl needs to know what to wear while getting her cocktail on! ...more

All of these are great! I will try one this weekend. Great pics too.


Cocktail Therapy

Last night I was discussing the Thanksgiving Menu with my husband when he all of a sudden jumped up and yelled, "Poinsettia Cocktails"! Um...okay honey. What about them? He continued to tell me that he and his co-workers had a meeting at some Hotel Restaurant and they were served Poinsettia Cocktails - needless to say, he loved the drink. Well, being that he is the barman when we host parties, he has decided to serve this drink on Thursday. I can't wait!...more