Cocktail Therapy

Last night I was discussing the Thanksgiving Menu with my husband when he all of a sudden jumped up and yelled, "Poinsettia Cocktails"! Um...okay honey. What about them? He continued to tell me that he and his co-workers had a meeting at some Hotel Restaurant and they were served Poinsettia Cocktails - needless to say, he loved the drink. Well, being that he is the barman when we host parties, he has decided to serve this drink on Thursday. I can't wait!...more

Magic Bloody Marys

Maries, Maires, Marys… I’m not really sure, but hey, it doesn’t change the taste. I discovered how much I loved these things about a year ago at a really great restaurant in Cape Town, Primi. They served my Bloody Mary without stirring it, which is how I discovered they put lime juice (cordial) in it. Most people are really surprised when they hear I put lime juice in it. I got home and made my own variation of that wonderful drink… My boyfriend was shocked that I’m actually writing this down cos it’s a secret. I’ve been told I make the best Bloody Marys ever, so pay attention ...more

Two Cocktail Venues To Try During BlogHer Food '10

One thing I learned at BlogHer Food last year -- you don't have to stray far from the conference site to have one heck of a time and plenty of beverages to keep you sated both during the conference and during the after-hours activities. Last year, I recommended a set of bars that I will still stand by this year. If you didn't get to them, I encourage you to try them out. But this year, I have two additions to the San Francisco cocktail scene that I very much consider worth your attention while you're in town for BlogHer Food 2010. ...more

Everydayjill, I'm going to have to give that bar a try -- I hadn't even heard of it!

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Cocktail Blogging: Prickly Pear Caipirinha

Last week, I got to have lunch at the new Richard Sandoval restaurant in Santa Monica, Zengo.  While the food menu was lookin' good, the cocktail menu was outstanding!...more

Cocktail Friday: The Grasshopper

When I was learning to make drinks at bartender’s school, the grasshopper was the first drink I learned.  I was told that it tasted like mint chocolate chip ice cream, and I was in loooooooooove. ...more

Cocktails to Mix for Summertime Fun

Summer is, for apparent reasons, my favorite time of year. Lounging at the beach with your friends on a sunny Saturday, baseball games and barbecues on Sundays … it doesn’t get much better. Oh, wait, yes … yes, it does. Raise your glasses, because summer is also the season for wonderfully sugary and fruity alcoholic drinks. Here are some ideas for your summer imbibing. ...more

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put the lime in the coconut

I'm not sure what you're planning on doing this weekend, but I do know this. Whatever it is, it will be exponentially better if you do it {before, during, or after} drinking these frozen cocktails of perfection....more

Cocktails With a Touch of Spring Fever

I always had some idea that cocktails were seasonal. Manhattans always seemed wintry to me, while mojitos and gin and tonics seemed much more appropriate for sipping on a patio in warmer weather. But I've come to learn how lovely it can be to pair a beverage with the season, to use seasonal ingredients to make cocktails and mocktails that go perfectly with the time of year. Now that we're firmly nestled into Spring, here are some ideas for drinks that go along with flowering trees, new grass and temperatures that fluctuate from balmy to chilly, sometimes all in the same day. ...more


I can totally get how you would associate that piney smell with Christmas trees -- ...more

12 Rules for An Incredible Dinner Party

"I want to be the hostess with the mostess!" ...more

Ladies, I can't wait to hear about the results! Happy hosting! Kate

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How to Make and Use Simple Syrups to Add Sweetness, Flavor

Incorporated into cocktails, or simply mixed with soda, seltzer or sparkling water for a refreshing non-alcoholic libation, simple syrup is an easy way to add sweetness and flavor to beverages. It's an easy, affordable ingredient to make and keep on hand, and can be used for more than just drinks....more

Melissa, it definitely solves that problem, and perfectly!

Mama Murtz, a cardamom variation ...more