Peppermint Hot Chocolate...a holiday tummy warmer

The perfect holiday treat for kids and adults...peppermint (or Schnapps) infused hot chocolate to take off the chill, put you in the mood, or a not so decadent way to satisfy a sweet tooth.

REAL Jamaican mocha recipe

My last visit to Jamaica has really brought out the island girl in me. All I crave is fresh yummy nostalgic goodness. I brought back some authentic unrefined cocoa powder and had to use it to make this mocha recipe for a kickstart to teach my classes...more

Dark Chocolate: A Guilty Pleasure That's Good For You!

 For many people, chocolate is a guilty pleasure.But its key ingredient, cocoa powder, has several health benefits, especially when used as a supplement.Eaten in small amounts, this indulgence can have positive effects on the immune and cardiovascular systems and boost your mood.Check out this video to learn the top 7 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate!...more

Sipping with Elvis

I don't know about other bloggers but it takes time to pull it all together in a way I'm happy with....more

Moctezuma Hates Us All!

omment »...more


Cocoa.  Just that one word evokes all kinds of memories, feelings, flavors and experiences.  Unless, maybe, you are unfortunately allergic to it, everyone has tasted in some form.For me cocoa takes me back when I was around 9 years old and my niece was 6.  (We grew up in the same house together.)  My oldest sister would make us ...more

A Heart to Heart Discussion About Chocolate

By Mrs/Dr. T, Snarky PhD Scientist and Guest Contributor...more

Recipe for Mexican Hot Cocoa

I heard that National Hot Cocoa Day was earlier this month. The husband and I love Abuelita but we wanted to make our own version since we're all about making things ourselves. Our masterpiece of a recipe and the way that we made little individual servings to send out to our family follows. ...more

You had me at the adorable packaging! I never have the patience to wait for the block of ...more

Fleur de Sel & Cocoa Nibs - Have you tried it

I posted yesterday about this chocolate product on my blog. A friend brought it back for me when she was in France. It's a granuale mix of fleur de sel with cocoa nibs and the directions say to sprinkle it on meat. I've never heard of sprinkling chocolate on meat and truthfully it doesn't appeal to me....more

Best Chocolate Blueberry Muffins Ever

Though it would not seem like it from the deafening silence from this quarter I have been busy. We celebrated my daughter's twentieth birthday this week. The actual day was a weekday so there was not much time for celebrating in the morning. I got up early and made Birthday Cinnamon Coffee Cake for breakfast in honour of the day. My timing was a little out though....more