Is Coconut Oil the Nutritious Goldmine We Think it is?

Coconut Oil: the canary in (and healthily flying back out of) the goldmine.These days of fast-talking chefs, cooking gurus judging cooking contests, and surgeons-turned-nutritionists, it’s easy to feel bombarded by the blitzkrieg of latest culinary fads, facts, and falsities being promoted, hyped, and discouraged. With so much contradictory information floating around about oils and fats, how are you supposed to know what to use and what to avoid? ...more

An Amazing Product for Cooking and Beauty

We love all natural remedies and keeping our bodies as healthy as possible, so today were going to let you in on a little secret that has now just started to become more mainstream as a beauty product. The ingredient of all ingredients is…drum roll please…coconut oil! Who knew that this fruit was so diverse? You can drink the coconut water and you can eat the coconut meat, which all have nutritional benefits. What we are more focused on today are the many uses of the oil that comes from coconuts....more

Healthy Fats 101


Brain Food: Spring Clean Your Diet

I’m wrapping up National Nutrition Month (March) with a brain food post that is several years in the making.  My relationship with food and health shifted dramatically following my mother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis....more

Coconut oil for your brain?

I've been hearing a lot about coconut oil lately; it supposedly does everything from weight loss to tooth whitening. But this article on Mercola introduced me to a new claim: improving your brain.'m not saying whether or not it's true; I don't know. But the explanation is interesting....more

Oil Pulling: Should You Really Swish Oil in Your Mouth?

A friend posted a link to a blog post about oil pulling, the act of swishing oil around in your mouth for twenty minutes in order to pull bacteria from your teeth and gums.  The blogger said she's hooked, and detailed everything you need to know about this folk remedy from the type of oil to where you should spit it out. But before you reach for that jar of coconut oil, you should probably check ...more
Oil pulling has helped me get rid of bad breath. Also, I had what I thought to be a minor cavity ...more

DIY Coconut Shea Butter Recipe

I was Hair Over Heels when my shea butter order came in the mail this week. I ran out of it about a month ago, so within minutes of opening the box -- I lost my mind!I whipped up a conditioner, lip butter, and this super easy  coconut shea butter.You'll only need 2 ingredients (3 if you want to add your favorite essential oil). I love the smell of both of these together but some may not....more

Summer Celebration Giveaway and Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Review and Giveaway

 I have been using coconut oil while on my crunchy journey. I have tried the “organic” and while I liked it, I just could not afford it. So I have been using the generic brand of coconut oil, hoping that it was still better for my family and I, versus the other oil alternatives.I had a friend recommend Tropical Traditions to me a year or so ago, but had not been able to get any yet. I was so excited to be offered the opportunity to try their product before I bought it!...more

Whole wheat buttermilk biscuits

Happy Easter!I can’t believe we are already in to April and Easter is just around the corner!!  I talk a lot about healthy eating, but I have never been a believer of trying to eat healthy for holidays.   I usually have traditional family recipes that I like to make for holidays.  My line of thinking is that they only come once a year, and how much you eat on a particular day isn’t going to make or break your diet or waistline :-).  You do have to be careful when it turns into a week of eating fattening leftovers though....more