Big Pink Fuzzy Protesters-Not Sure this is the Way to get Your Point Across.....

Why I will NEVER dress up as a vagina for Halloween, or any other occasion. Photo@google...more

Attack on Arkansas Recruiting Station Highlights Challenges Facing Military Recruiters

Last week, I reported that conservative bloggers were taking Pres. Obama, the news media and other bloggers to task for their paying more attention to last Sunday's murder of abortion provider Dr. George Tiller than to last Monday's murder of military recruiter Pvt. William Long, and the wounding of his comrade, Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula. ...more

Mother’s Day for Peace

I’d like to wish all of you mothers out there a happy Mother’s Day, and inspire you with a little bit of history about the original meaning of Mother’s Day. In 1872, Julia Ward Howe led the first Mother’s Day event, an anti-war observance in New York City. In honor of that event, Howe wrote her Mother’s Day Proclamation. Here’s an excerpt: ...more

Pranking the New York Times -- and the point is what, exactly?

By now, you've probably heard that last Wednesday, the morning commuter crowds in Manhattan and a few other US cities were the targets of an elaborate prank. Volunteers distributed 1.2 million copies of a bogus edition of the New York Times dated July 4, 2009 and boasting the banner headline: "Iraq War Ends." An anti-corporate activist group called the Yes Men claimed responsibility for the hoax. ...more

A marvelous statement. I'm glad you pointed it out to me.  Yes, I agree that when the Times ...more

The Sarah Palin Chronicles, Episode 2: Super Sarah Saves the Day

Read the next chapter in the amazing Sarah Palin Chronicles, just in time to get you pumped for tonight's debate! ...more