Don't sit at the table across from the bathroom.

I decided to venture out to a coffee shop today to get some much needed work done. A change of scenery can do wonders for my level of productivity, and I was excited about the idea of having an afternoon at the coffee shop plugging away at my to-do list....more

Honey Wheat Bagels with Caraway and Poppy

Our Saturday morning bagel tradition lives on with our homemade version. The key to depth of flavor in this recipe is the long, slow overnight fermentation....more

Thanks @jreinman. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do :-)more

Is There Anyone Else Out There That Hates Coffee?

All right, I know that I cannot be the only person on the planet that hates coffee. Where are my fellow coffee haters? We need to get together and have meetings at the local......????? HELP!! Where will we meet every month? Coffee lovers are taking over the world. These days everyone is meeting at the local coffee shop. Interviews are now held at the coffee shop. Business meeting are held at the coffee shop. Casual meetings are held at the coffee shop.  Dates meet at the coffee shop. I'M SICK OF THE LOCAL COFFEE SHOP!!!...more

Declutter your local cafe and restaurant experience

Can you get a local restaurant or café to stop using disposables? I recently asked the 3000+ people I "know" on Facebook and Twitter if any of them had successfully gotten an establishment to do just that. In respose, a number of people mentioned restaurants near them that promoted reusables, offered biodedegradable to-go containers, and the like -- but none said that these restaurants had actually made the change due to anything customers said. ...more