4 Things I Learned After Moving In With My Boyfriend

At 19, I remember a precise moment when I felt I had a grip on this life thing. Somehow I thought I had matured to this ripe age when I could function as a grown up in society.I was attending NYU and my parents didn’t want to pay for me to live in the dorm because they believed we lived close enough for me to commute. I did this for half of a semester and will not elaborate as to why three modes of transportation before class might be a buzzkill to the “college experience.”...more

More Women Are Saying "Yes!" To Cohabitation

After a two-year hiatus from graduate school, I decided at 25 that I wanted to complete my degree. I moved from New York back to Washington, DC took out enormous student loans (that I am still paying today) and started my life anew. Shortly thereafter, I met the “man of my dreams” -- and within months, not only were we talking about marriage but I was contemplating moving again to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he was completing his Ph.D. at MIT. The decision was a difficult one. I wasn’t keen on the whole idea of “shacking up” because the old adage “why pay for the cow if the milk is free?” ran rampant in my mind during my moments of contemplation. But move I did. It was disastrous. We lasted three months living together, and although we were engaged five years later, I ended it before we walked down the aisle. ...more
I say: live together! That is exactly what I told my 26 year old daughter. There is nothing like ...more

Dr. Romance Video: 7 Things to Consider before Moving in Together or Making Financial Commitments

(To view video, click here.)Moving in together is a financial commitment, and so is marriage, so it’s important to consider the tough issues you’ll face as a cohabiting or married couple. Dr. Romance presents seven things you should consider before entwining yourselves financially as well as emotionally....more

Step away from the pickle: Cohabitating, OBG style.

 So you've chosen to cohabitate, huh? ...more