Conversations from Cohabitation

Last week we were standing on our balcony watching the sunset. The sky was a gorgeous pinkish purple and the sun was bright orange, far too bright to actually look at. CB: “Why are you turning the other way?”Me: “Because the sun is too bright, I can’t look directly at it.”CB: “But it’s a sunset. You’re supposed to, you know, watch the sun actually setting.”...more

Cohabitation is the New Normal

According to an article published by USA Today, unmarried couples who live together are staying together longer than in the past. In addition, more of them are having children, according to the first federal data recently released that details just how cohabitation is transforming families across the United States. The report from the National Center for Health Sciences states that for almost half of the woman ages 15-44, their first "union" was cohabitation rather than marriage. For less than one-quarter, the first union was marriage....more

Does marriage make people happier?

Or is it simply living together that does? Researchers have studied marriage versus single life for decades. But nobody has studied marriage versus cohabitation over the long term. That’s was the crux of this research to come out of the latest issue of the Journal of Marriage and Family courtesy of Cornell University’s College of Human Ecology. ...more

Cohabitation is bad for you?

Letting go....eventually

There are days that go by and I feel so much love and contentment.  I don’t know why there has to be the days that bring nothing but confusion and discontent.  It has been 4 and a half months since I discovered by love’s “emotional affair” with his ex.  4 months of roller coaster ups and downs.  4 months of questioning whether he is telling me the truth or not.  4 months of wondering if he is still telling her he loves =her= and misses =her= and telling her things to make =her= think he is only staying in this relationship with me because he doesn’t want to hurt me ...more

Is Moving in Together a Good Idea?

It would be excellent if there was an equation, a check list, or some elaborate chart to complete on a spreadsheet in this post to help you determine whether it's a good idea to move in with someone. But there isn't. This is only a story about how I finally decided to take that step. ...more
Is living together an end in itself? Just asking because, if you have a different agenda than ...more

Merging families without marriage

Two weeks ago I wrote about moving in with my boyfriend, Mr....more

Friends, partners and roommates - what are your rights?

Do you remember the HBO movie "If These Walls Could Talk"? Or more importantly for this post, the 2000 version, "If These Walls Could Talk 2"? ...more

There are so many different types of "relationships" and groupings of people living together, ...more

Incompatible In The Bedroom

'It's just no good, we're never going to make it,' Luke declares in the morning. 'You're right, we just need to accept the truth. We're not bedroom compatible,' I sigh. He nods in agreement, adding, 'It's not our fault. When people ask what went wrong, I'll just say, 'Cameron used to steal all the pillows all the time, so I had her killed.' It's true, I'm a terrible hogger (and, some might argue, blogger). His would be a reasonable reaction. ...more

Keep your clothes out of MY chair

There are two chairs in our bedroom – one closer to his side of the room and one closer to my side.  (Ever since I grew up sharing a bedroom with my sister, I've divided rooms in this way - my side, your side.  The neat side...that would be me, the MeSsY side...that would be you.) ...more