The BM* Phenomenon

Has this ever happened to you?You hear a word or you come up with an idea and suddenly that word or idea is EVERYWHERE!**  You think it’s some kind of sign – it must be – because what are the chances that you would come across an article or see something on television that addresses the very point that you were just contemplating!It kept happening to me this past week. Was it the universe answering all of my questions or was it just a coincidence??You decide…...more
This happens to me, frequently, but in bursts.  And your son sounds SO much like my son, by the ...more

Couple's Paths Crossed at Disney World as Kids: What's Your Weirdest Coincidence?

What’s the weirdest coincidence you’ve ever experienced? Maybe you found out a random acquaintance shares some mutual friends, or you happen to have the same birthday. Alex and Donna Voutsinas blow even your weirdest of weird coincidences out of the water, across the neighboring land, and into the consecutive body of water. Yes, it’s that weird. ...more

My fiance and I met when we were freshman in college. We grew up 50 miles apart but lived in ...more

Yes, Virginia, a Friendship is Starting!

BlogHer Community Manager, Denise Tanton, announced an experiment. She would match up volunteer Contributing Editors who were about a decade apart and give us a week or so to get to know each other, and to report back on what the inter-generational journey had been like. Viginia DeBolt and I volunteered and were paired. Virginia writes about Web & Technology, and I write about Religion & Spirituality. ...more

Well, Virginia and I had fun and are off and running forward into a lovely new friendship. ...more

Memories from the Holocaust: Where Were You in the Camps?

 "Only one bathroom?" The woman behind me looked ahead, at the half-dozen other passengers waiting for the tiny toilet to be available. I smiled and nodded, raising my eyebrows in a what can you do? kind of way....more

I'm sitting her at 9am in L.A. and I'm just so blown away by this I can't move. My father ...more