Piggies and poor politics...

It isn't often I wax political in the blogosphere, and for today's post I blame my husband and his Popsicle piggies. Some men or women have cold feet before they walk down the aisle; my dear husband has had cold feet ever since. But not me; I wear socks....more
Amy Abbott I admit I use a heating blanket at night. I have resorted to toe warmers when at cold ...more

The Relative Misery Factor (Prepping for Winter.)

The wind positively howled. There was sun, not that you could feel it. The horses didn’t want turn out. It was 20 degrees warmer in the south-facing runs and there’s not much windbreak on our prairie pasture. The horses that were turned out looked longingly at the barn and I knew the season has truly changed....more

Maybe I'm Not the Marrying Kind?

Part of separation is figuring out if I want to be married at all, to anyone, ever....more

The Origin of The List

I'll spare you the backstory, which is at http://thehitchlist.blogspot.com if you want to read it, and get to the good stuff.  ...more

The Secret to a Great Marriage? Great SOCKS!

Socks. Yep....I love him because he wears socks.   ...more

I always use my husband as a "heater" in bed. He's always so warm, so it's easy to ...more