Kindergym...more like KinderGERMS

Germs, germs, germs everywhere you go there's germs. I am not a germaphobe or anything, but when you have two little ones you start paying more attention to the grime, dirt and open-air sneezes that you encounter.  And the best/worst place for germs these days is kindergym....more

10 Ways My House Becomes a Frat House When Everyone Gets Sick

Slowly we are creeping out of cold and flu season.  Too slow for my taste....more

Cold season makes me crabby. But McDonald's coffee makes me happy.

Between a sick hubby, a fussy (and borderline sick) baby and the nagging feeling that I’m coming down with the same cold that Rick has…well, you could say I haven’t slept too much in the last couple of days. Which basically means my head is a little non-sensical today. So bear with me – I’ll try to stay as coherent as possible. And I’ll just apologize in advance if my jumbled thoughts make absolutely no sense at all…...more

Holiday Goings On

Today, I am sick....more