Baby IT Was Cold Outside! The Eisheilige 2014

  Most years in May, with some exceptions, Austria along with most of Europe goes through an icy spell that throws us back into winter for a week. Those glorious spring days seem to take a break or disappear without so much as a protest to be replaced by rain, icy winds and extremely cold weather.  In the Alps, the days can sometimes herald the last of the winter snowfall for the year.  After that is generally becomes a downhill run into summer.  The days are referred to at the Eisheilige (Ice Saints). The worst day is usually St. Sophia’s feast day and she is referred to as the Kalte Sophie (Cold Sophie). Despite global warming and indications of climate change during the seasons, these days religiously, (pardon the pun), arrive every year around the same time and have for centuries. Farmers generally hold off some of their labours, to ensure that any work in the fields is not waste. The days generally are:...more

Snow Frozen

Water. That's the problem. When there's water around, and the air gets cold in winter, the water freezes. And, woe to those who live near great bodies of water.For example, here in the Washington Metropolitan Area, we are wedged in between four water laden sources: the Atlantic Ocean, The Chesapeake Bay, the Anacostia River and the Potomac River....more

Neighbours Are A Blessing

Once again neighbours have come to the rescue. Sure we could have dug ourselves out, but everyday is getting colder, and the snow is getting heavier. So any help, is always appreciated. We just had to shovel out the car, walkways and stairs. Of course later on, I had to dig out the packed, icy snow courtesy of the city snow plows. What a bunch of jerks, but that's a rant for another day. A lot of closures occurred on Monday, hopefully things will be back to normal today. Well except for the temperatures which are supposed to be in the extremes for the next couple of days....more

Cold Weather and Vital Lessons

Lesson 1: Keep busy so I don’t possibly have time to think about things that are unmentionableLesson 2: At some point, please stop trying to blame myself for something that is completely out of my control, when in all actuality, I will indeed continue to torture myself over and over again with how many different ways I should have avoided a situation that in all honesty wasn’t even my fault....more

Wednesday's Back

Willing myself to be enthusiastic, that's all I can do.  The weather feels like spring and it's certainly raining like it's spring. I will enjoy it and appreciate it because by Thursday or Friday the snow and biting winds will be back....more

Christmas Trees & Mid-Week Happenings

Good morning/afternoon/night everyone!I along with many of you have been wondering what's up with the early fall weather temperatures. Up to last night I was wondering when is the cold weather going to come back and stay. Especially since we've finally put up the Christmas trees in our house. But alas, the cold weather is slowly creeping back in and we are now in the minuses again. Good old windchill is back in full effect....more

A Little Sunday Night Reading For Ya

If you’re living anywhere near me in the frigid tundra, you’re probably realizing that the weather has gone for seasonably fall like to…well, the start of winter in the frigid tundra. This morning when I woke up (at six am with la babe), it was raining. By noon when I let the dog out, that rain had frozen on my deck, leaving behind a lovely sheet of ice – and leaving me terrified that my moose of a pooch was going to fall down. Thankfully, she hasn’t so far....more

Love Change and the Changing Seasons

At the start of November and Daylight Savings Time, here in the East Coast, temperatures have dropped drastically. The leaves have finally fallen, winter coats have been taken out of storage, and most of us are experiencing our first winter gas bill hike.The winter months arrive too soon, leaving me ponder where the year went. Add extreme changes in weather to my already delicate emotional state, no wonder why some of us are hit with a case of the winter blues!...more

Oldie But Goodie

Making lunch today, I had a thought.  There are things from our childhood that retain their appeal no matter how many years have passed.For me today, it was Campbell's soup.  To me, tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches will always be one of my favorite comfort foods.  It brings back childhood memories, warms both the body and soul, and is a quick, easy fix for what ails you....more

"Bundle Up Or You'll Catch a Cold" and Why We Really Get Sick

Growing up, I was told that getting chilled outside would give me a cold. "Put on your coat or you'll get sick!" my mother would shriek as I blasted out the door. It's true we're more likely to catch colds and flu during winter, but we don't catch colds or flu from going outside scantily clad. Why is it that we seem to catch more colds in the winter, then? ...more
Dear Sally. This is a very helpful post and I hadn't heard these theories before. They make ...more