Five Tips to Stay Healthy at BlogHer '12 (or Any Conference)

Blogher '12 is this weekend. Without a doubt, you already know how to make the best of the conference. These here are a few quick tips to ensure that you make it out with your health intact. ...more


Summer 2011 in Texas was hot.  Really hot.  Dry up the lakes and crack the land hot.  Even in Florida it was hot, but had the added discomfort of humidity.  Not just were you hot, you were melting. Christmas 2009 in Alaska was cold.  But not too cold.  Snow was three to four feet deep, and my down coat and flannel lined jeans felt wonderful. There once was a time when I would have preferred to be hot over cold.  I could get chilled to the point that my stomach would shiver and then it was impossible to get warm enough to make it stop.<...more

A Walk on the Frozen Sea

Last night I told my husband it would be nice to visit a place where the kids could play in tide pools all day. Our daughter had just finished a gloriously messy play session at the kitchen sink and I could just imagine her loving every single second in such a place....more
I'm with TalkingThirty, I am cold (freezing) just reading this. However the day you describe ...more

More Winter Photograps

Here is the rest of my very cold Saturday photo session, as promised :...more

Beautiful Night

It's so cold the snow sounds hollow under my feet.  I'd just spent 40 minutes sitting in front of our heater trying to get warm and was all ready to go to bed, when I heard the intake valve of our heater crying which means it needs to be cleared of snow (from the outside).  Exclaiming a hearty, "Crapola", I donned my boots, jacket, hat and scarf and went out....more
@victorias_view You and me, both. LOL! Brrrrrrrr...more

Dear Minus Thirty-Six Degrees

Dear Minus Thirty-Six Degrees (I think to myself as I walk to the post office at lunch bundled up in layers of clothing),I don’t want to say something to offend you and get the “cold shoulder” (ha-ha), but I think we really appreciate you best in small doses and this dose is getting a little long. We DO appreciate the lack of wind, but we would not be offended if you wanted to breeze along for a while.Sincerely, A Person Tired of Feeling Stuck Inside ...more
Very cool! Thank you! :) @edavismore

Winter is on it’s way. How do you get ready?

This year, we are spending the winter months in Fort Worth, Texas. Therefore, there is not much winterizing that we need to complete. With that said, I have put together a list of 7 easy tips to help youbetter prepare for the cold and make the environment happy at the same time....more

First day back

I apologize that this entire week I’ve been talking about Walking Pneumonia. ...more

An update

Just thought I’d pop in and give an update on how I’m doing with my Walking Pneumonia....more

Plain Hot Water IS NOT Tea!

Who takes care of you when you're sick?  It is nothing that will kill me and I've had a thousand colds in my lifetime thus far...but having a cold and being a stay at home mom with two toddlers is not easy. ...more