Freezing Me Out

Is it me or does every office building have some sort of mandate where the A/C has to be on 30 degrees all year round? I don’t recall one place that I have ever worked where I didn’t have to wear a ski parka, mittens, and snow boots just to be comfortable. At my last job I snuck in a space heater and had that going all year round. I know I can be a little colder than most, but when objects on my desk start to feel cold, I know it’s not just me. Can someone please explain this to me?...more

dreaming of spring...

I could really, REALLY do with an end to winter. As in now. Right this very minute. Are you listening, Mother Nature?...more

Welcome to the Village of the Damned

We are a hearty bunch. We can take the heat, we can take the humidity, we can take the fried food. We can take threats of hurricanes, tornadoes and all sorts of natural disaster. But we can't take the cold. And by golly, we can't take the cabin fever....more

So Much Content

I'm wrapping gifts.I made an ass out of myself last night, which only Danny witnessed. I find it both hilarious yet embarrassing, so if you ask politely I will share the story. I made my first official sale!I got a $20 tip which I used to buy Danny and myself dinner @ Denny's. I think I'm pretty much done all my Christmas shopping. I got another beading order. ...more

The dangerous overuse of antibiotics and creation of superbugs

For nearly the past month, my family and I have been battling a doozy of an upper respiratory infection, also known as a cold or the flu. It started with my daughter and quickly spread to my son and husband and finally to me all within about a week's time. The coughing, the phlegm, the runny nose, the aches, the fever, the gastrointestinal issues - we shared it all. Isn't family great?! ...more

A Spring Day in Central Park

On occassion I write without objective; just observations that spill out and occupy themselves in my mind's scrapbook. Sometimes I stumble across these words and they are like a warm sweater on a cold day. ...more

Seriously unsexy: how to disguise a red and flaky nose

Alright, here's the thing: I was going to write about something fun and smoochy and totally appropriate for the impending lovefest that is Valentine's Day, you know, like the glossiest pink lip glosses ever invented or five ways to feel less stupid in edible underwear. And then something happened: I got a cold. And then while I had this cold, I spent five days in a freezing climate, much of it at the top of a mountain, blowing my poor congested nose raw. ...more

This may sound strange, but try using Chap Stick to moisturize & heal.  I've used it on ...more