Cole Slaw {Egg-free} Cooking out is a great way to spend the last warm days of the year, especially on a game day! Last weekend, my husband smoked a delicious brisket. I wanted some authentic barbecue sides. I made cole slaw, slow cooker pinto beans and cornbread. Most cole slaw recipes have mayonnaise, which contains eggs or at least egg whites. You can buy vegan/egg-free varieties but they aren't always easy to find and tend to be a little expensive. So, I decided I would make a vinegar based dressing for my cole slaw....more

This Is What Happens

(originally posted @ My Day Job)   This is what happens when you get too much red cabbage in your red to green cabbage ratio while making homemade coleslaw.  Turns the entire mixture purple!!  Lesson learned. ...more
Ooooo... I do like the idea of being a "chic hippie" chick! more

Things a Monkey Could Cook: Baked Scallops and Napa Slaw

Well now, casseroles often rule during the depths of winter, and this one’s near the top of my list. Both simple and relatively elegant, your average primate can throw this meal together in approximately one hour—making it a swell dish to pop into the oven on those nights when you’re pressed for time, yet want something truly special for someone equally important, and so quantities here are for two....more

Eyez On A Deli Named Ella: Ella's Deli