Texas Two-Step Coleslaw

I’m not lying when I say this is the BEST side dish ever!!! It’s a Southwestern take on a typical coleslaw.  I can’t take credit for creating this masterpiece. I got this recipe from a viewer in Nebraska. I used to do cooking segments on the news years ago and she was a guest of mine. (I’ve since seen variations of the recipe on websites like “Taste of Home”). This is probably my most requested recipe!...more
This sound really yummy. cant wait to try it.. Coleslaw is one of my favorite things..more

Recipe for Asian Coleslaw with Baked Salmon

Quick and Easy, Great for Brunch or Lunch.Eating out is my favourite thing.  My second favourite thing is eating in.  This is kind of how this recipe for Asian Coleslaw with Baked Salmon Came about.  I was having lunch a couple of weeks ago in Riva, Amsterdam (I'm so lucky that they are like literally 100 paces from my front door), and my meal was distracting me from the company.  It was one of those perf...more

Creamy Vegan Coleslaw with Bean Mayonnaise

Did you know that cabbage is ridiculously good for you?If you did, you get a gold star! If not, read on. I promise you’ll like where this is going.It…...more

Guest Post with Laurel of Leaves: Lime & Mint Chicken Coleslaw

Last guest poster of the bunch; but certainly not least, is Lori from Laurel of Leaves. Lori’s approach to wellness is very similar to mine – she likes home cooked meals made from clean and simple ingredients. One of my favorite things about Lori’s blog is that she shares a lot of the reasons why she’s included ingredients in meals and how it can benefit our bodies. Without further adieu…...more
I was recommended by "victorias_view" to come and check out your recipes. Wow! I am impressed ...more

The Best Coleslaw Ever

The Best Coleslaw EvermothersapronstringsThe Best Coleslaw EverThis coleslaw is an alternate to the traditional creamy version! It’s a simple mix of ingredients! You can use bagged shredded coleslaw, but I recommend using a food processor to chop it smaller....more

Asian Style Slaw with Furikake Dressing

Jicama Cabbage Carrot Coleslaw with Anise Dressing

After 85 upbeat Jittery Cook posts, it's time for a wee bit of sobriety. Having a platform for self-expression just begs for bearing personal concerns. Here's hoping you don't mind a little pathos on your plate....more

Pulled Pork and Memphis Coleslaw

So most of you probably noticed that I haven't posted for a little over a week. Don't worry...I'm still alive. I just got back from a lovely 10 day holiday. We didn't go anywhere or do anything out of the ordinary, but sometimes those are the best vacations...waking up late and doing absolutely nothing. I really needed it, especially after entertaining our guests for a few weeks. ...more