My process: quilting with paper

So, I thought I would talk a little bit about my process today. Specifically, how I select the papers I use in a particular collage. Most of the papers I use come from magazines because they are convenient and are otherwise headed to the recycling bin! My stash isn't too big, but I do have the goal in the back of my head that I should try to use it all up by the end of the year. This helps me avoid hanging on to "favorite" pieces or treating them as precious....more

How Do I Know When it is Done?

About a year ago, when I first started thinking about being creative every day, I was very excited about collage. I saw a lot of mixed media art that I loved and wanted to emulate in some way–not to make the same projects, but to take the idea of creating something new out of disparate parts and make my own projects.I wasn’t sure where to start, so I just dove in. I painted a canvas with a an abstract grass and sky theme....more
Karen Ballum Thank you!more

Feeling Orange

Collage Booklet

{Editor's note: I've always been inspired and uplifted by the whimsical illustrative art of Violette Clark. I came across her easy-to-make collage booklet and knew I had to share it with all of you. It combines paper, sewing, beads and lots of happy energy. Way to go, Violette! - Kathy }...more
@neekswrite Oh super! I love creating crafts that teens will enjoy! This one is kind of ...more

Collage Violette Clarkwww.violette.caMy book is available: Journal Bliss: Creative Prompts to Unleash your Inner Eccentric...more

Cut Stick Glue! My scrapbooking son

Thanks for your comments - I think he's a dude too, but I'm somewhat biased! Believe me, he ...more

The first step is believing in yourself

No sock toys were harmed in the creation of this blog post.Actors: Chuck, the sock toy....more

Daily doodle: time for dinner

"The belly rules the mind."  ~Spanish Proverb...more

Women Solo; Travelblog Camp; How Not to Plan; Postcards

This is a terrific, (mostly) sensible, hallelujah can I get a witness post with advice for women traveling solo. Road Junky, as usual, tells it like it is. For example, on bringing a journal: So tell your journal all about the delicious club sandwich you had for lunch and spare your friends the boring stories. ...more

Living Nicely: The Three R's

Years ago, the “three r’s” were “readin, ‘ritin, and ‘rithmetic,”…well I still read, write, and try to do the math, but nothing seems to add up in these trying economic days!  But the r’s practiced and preached more often now are the rudiments of “green-living”- Recycle, Reduce, Reuse! I myself am a practicioner of the four R’s:  Recycle, Reuse, Restore–RESELL! I consider the last my contribution to free enterprise and my bank account. And its my belief that if we all tried this more often the landfills wouldn’t be so “filled” and our economy wouldn’t be ...more