Creative books I want

I'm looking through to find "the best books" to order for me. It is slow and irritatingly difficult! I've been wanting to order books from my Wish list since last time I had some money to buy books with, that must be two years ago soon? Now my birthday is coming up this week and my parents have given me money to buy books for! I want to look through every book about craft, collage and journaling and now I have to decide which one will gain me most. ...more

Eye Candy

This past week I keep noticing fabulous pieces of art being shown on the blogs.  Each one a fabulous treat.. a sweet and special piece of eye candy.  And calorie free! Juliane Lofquist-Birch is participating in a Blog Give-away. Visit a participating blog and possibly win a piece a gorgeous little piece of art like the collage Juliane made. ...more


Aa look at life at mid life - all of its charms and all of its pitfalls by a mixed media artist and writer who wants nothing more than to play in her studio but finds she must make a living as a lawyer. ! ...more