Soul Food: Kale, Collard greens with an Italian - Asian Twist

Soul Food with an Italian / Asian TwistIngredients...more
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Vegan Collard Rolls in Spicy Tomato Sauce from Phoo-d

I'm a huge fan of collard greens, which have a flavor that's much sweeter than many other types of greens. But although the collard greens first attracted me to this recipe for Vegan Collard Rolls in Spicy Tomato Sauce from Phoo-d, it was the interesting sauce flavored with turmeric, hot curry powder, and saffron that made me certain that this dish would be a winner. And in case you need any more convincing, the rolls are filled with a mixture of rice, raisins, beans, almonds, and preserved lemon. Doesn't that all sound like a great combination? ...more
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Tofu Scramble x 2 = breakfast burritos and nachos

After months of eating a raw breakfast—juices, granola and bowls of fruit and nuts Monday through Friday—I crave big, hot, savory breakfasts on the weekend....more

Asheville's HomeGrown Shares Their Recipes!

Every restaurant has a particular feel, usually a preconceived ambiance. The owner wants to impress upon you…hip, funky, or HIGH-CLASS, casual....more

Southern-Style Collard Greens

Southern-Style Collard Greens slowly simmered in a smoky meat broth is a classic dish that few vegetarian versions can imitate. Although, those vegetable recreations have a few savory results. ...more

I moved to the south from Canada two years ago. I notice smoked turkey legs all over (including ...more

A delicious vegan meal in less than 10 minutes

Have leftovers? Have fresh produce?  Let’s eat! After a long day of work, on an oh-so-cold day, I wanted a hot and hearty meal. NOW!  Here’s what I did....more

Collard “Spaghetti” & Bean Sauce

JL’s Collard “Spaghetti” & Bean SauceServes one Slice collard leaves into strips.  Heat olive oil and garlic on high and toss the greens in for a quick saute.  Cover the greens and simmer for 2 minutes. ...more

A Rockin’ Vegan MoFo Salad

Last week I was scurrying around the kitchen, making breakfast, prepping snacks and deciding what to pack for lunch.  I noticed my washed greens in the fridge and was inspired! I massaged kale and collards in olive oil and sea salt.  I chopped a couple of canned artichokes, tomato and onion. I added 1/2 cup of cooked lentils (I always have cooked beans in the fridge, thanks to my rice cooker!) ...more

Skipped the race = 4 vegan recipes and links to several more!

Skipped the race = 4 vegan recipes and links to several more! How was your weekend?  Mine took an unexpected turn. ...more

What’s for lunch? Three easy vegan meals

I’ve never claimed to be a gourmet chef.  I love to eat, I sort of like to cook and I have no desire to write a cookbook or host a Food Network show. Leave that to the experts.  I like healthy, good and simple meals. Here are a few lunches I enjoyed this week. I prepped a protein-packed lunch to take to work JL’s Four-Bean Salad Serves 1...more