My Kids are Rock Stars

My son has made collecting an Olympic sport. He will collect anything. He has all the Skylander’s, every army guy/tank/helicopter he can get his hands on. There is a collection of shark teeth which includes a shark jaw and one prehistoric Megladon tooth that was a birthday gift last year. Through the years we have accumulated Playmobile sets galore, enough Papo figurines to start our own store, and everything he could get his hands on that was related to the Edmund Fitzgerald. I am blaming my husband and Gordon Lightfoot for that last one....more

It's All In Your Tone Of Voice

The conversation always goes a little something like this: "Hello, may I please speak to Bob?" "That would be my husband. MayI help you?" "May I leave a message for him?"*a slight tightening of the voice, maybe even a frostiness that wasn't fully apparent comes fully into play* "Yes." "Would you ask him to call back to speak to us about his account please? And do you need our number?" ...more

I'm the baby! Gotta Love me!

Did you ever see that show Dinosaurs?  I don’t remember when it was on or what station…  it was silly but cute! It was by Jim Henson and the voice of the baby was the same as Elmo. The baby was my favorite part. He was always causing trouble and then he would say, “I’m the baby, gotta love me!”  You can skip through the video to the part with the egg… ...more

Rooster Envy

I recently read The Bloggess’ blog post, And that’s why you should learn to pick your battles, a snortingly funny story about the Bloggess and her girlfriend buying a five foot rooster, placing it on her front doorstep, ringing her doorbell, then running and hiding.  Her husband’s reaction to the surprise visitor was priceless....more

Help Eliminate Clutter – Stop Buying Useless Gifts

This blog post may not help the economy but it will help reduce clutter! We buy and receive gifts for many occasions – birthdays, Christmas, weddings, baby showers, and even sometimes “just because”.  The gifts may be given with love, be very thoughtful or just the perfect item.  Don’t get me wrong; I love to give and receive gifts… certain gifts.  Think about the last gift you gave. ...more

And if you thought the gum-wrapper chain was weird…

… well, allow me to introduce you to my thimble collection. I’ve just sat and stared at that sentence for a few minutes now before being able to continue typing. So, yes, my name is Susan and I have a thimble collection....more

I have hundreds of PEZ dispensers- not in original boxes.
Yep. weirder.

Linda ...more

the jacket project day 5

Eddie Bauer safari jacket. I bought this for our trip to The Galapagos last summer. It seemed like an essential item for the trip. It packs very well, is lightweight and doesn’t easily wrinkle. I channel Osa Johnson when I wear this jacket. ...more

Abundance As A Mindset


My Little Things that Hold Me Together

I like having symbolic things connect me to moments and people in my life. They offer associations that remind me and comfort me. Yup I'm relying on materialistic objects instead of just my memory or my experiences to keep something alive in my heart, in my awareness. My life is so full at times, so daunting at other times, and occasionally, even overwhelming. To see something simple, and have it evoke a pleasant experience in my consciousness is 'just what the doctor ordered.'...more

Toothbrush Collection??

For some weird reason, my son has a collection of toothbrushes. Seriously, there are at least 8 different toothbrushes in his bathroom. Most of which Charlie uses on a rotating basis. How Charlie decides which one to use I have absolutely no clue but he definitely has a system. Heaven forbid I get out the wrong toothbrush!...more

But now that the kids are older, no more fun toothbrushes, really.

~Denise BlogHer Community ...more