Panhandlers Anonymous

I got this email from my 5 month old today (dictated to his dad since he can't type):"Please feel free to make any contributions to my future education. This early stage of my life is critical for saving for my future. Presents are a ton of fun but since I am easily amused by a box I think money would better be spent on my future. That goes for you too dad. Stop buying me clothes that wont fit in a month, help me save for my future. I love you guys. Love Alex! Make a contribution now"...more

The idea of Alex in rags next to an old shoebox really cracks me up. Now I want to take that ...more

Step Sing anyone?

Alright, so who knows anything about Samford University's Step Sing CHAOS??...more

When Violence Strikes a University

It's almost unheard of for a woman to go into a workplace or a school and shoot people.  Profiles of workplace shooters do not even involve the idea that a woman would kill her co-workers, but it happens....more

Women attending College!

All of us know since the Economy is in a bummer, headed back to college is a great alternative to help your future. Before the economy was in a slump, I was working for a Childcare Center and thought I saw myself there for years before I would ever head to college....more

Independence Day

The journey into the empty nest is an incredible learning experience. From the time it hits that your child will be leaving home, to the actual moment the good bye hug is given, feelings run the gamut from great joy to profound sense of loss. You cannot help but wonder how they will do without your guidance and how you can survive missing their presence....more

The Break is OVER

Although many of you can say that you have been back in school for a few weeks, I, thankfully, have only been back for ONE week :) Thus, I apologize for my long hiatus from blogging. My Christmas break was exceptionally long and much needed (including from blogging). So, I will very hesitatingly say, good to be back in class, with a schedule, getting this last semester out the way.I know my Christmas holidays are always focused on family and work, and friends of course. I work my butt off. Did any of ya'll work? If so, where? What did ya'll do for your Christmas break?...more

Art, beauty, inspiration, life

  I spent four months in Italy during my third semester of college, studying painting, printmaking, sculpture and baroque art history. It was was an eye opening and mind expanding experience to say the least. I grew up mostly in Arizona, where the attention to detail in architecture and quality of life, seems quick and sloppy. The time I spent in Italy was profoundly heartwarming and the people I encountered there taught me that details are the essence of a meaningful life....more

Farewell to a Friend

I said good-bye to Fish today - my daughter's pet fish I inherited when she left for college.  He had been an acquaintance visiting my world for brief periods only when my daughter was away, but when Sweetpea moved away, Fish became mine.  Living well past his allotted years, he had almost become a mystery of science...defying that big fish tank in the sky.  When he became my responsibility, I moved him to my vanity where I could visit with him in the morning....more

What Happens in Class Stays in Class?

Today, I began my Seminar on College Teaching by having the grad students and postdocs enrolled in it draw a picture that served as a metaphor for higher education today. Images of violence figured prominently in a few doodles. My students depicted the research university as a guillotine, a hunting lodge filled with trophy heads, and--perhaps most graphically--as a meat grinder into which students are fed like cheap steak destined to be hamburger. ...more

There are quite a few divergent questions here  - and I'm not sure how I feel about some ...more