Seven Tips for Guiding Your Senior to Write College Essays

With just three weeks until the bulk of college applications are due, I thought I would share a few ways we helped our senior through the essay writing process. Based on my writing experience and the trial-by-fire efforts with our senior, my husband and I came up with a process that worked for our son....more

Sit In On A College Class About 'The Hunger Games'

Think about anything else that day? Fat chance.I’d been waiting for this for over six months.Before I left college for summer, I enrolled in a Young Adult Literature class for the fall semester. The title is all I needed to hook me. What made it better? The book list we were required to read....more

Double-Schooling: Homeschooling Plus College

I mentioned last week that I started college. Well, I didn't stop doing anything else, I just added school to the pile. 12 credits this semester. My biggest challenge is keeping up with the kids's schoolwork while I make time for my own work. The college advises setting aside something like 168 hours for each class. That's about 42 hours per week for a full class load. I thought today I'd write about a few ways we are coping as a family, even thriving, with the added workload. I call it double schooling, and it is possible. ...more

Advice for Sorority Rush

It's that time of year again- last year I wrote a post about Ole Miss rush, and this year I am writing some words of advice for girls goi...more

Pack a College Survival Kit!

In 1995, I spent a semester at the University of Hawaii, Hilo. I left Alaska, the state I was born and raised in for Hawaii. I traded frozen nose hairs and permafrost for sun and surf. The University of Hawaii had an excellent Linguistics program at the time and a tuition exchange with Alaska. I was able to attend the University of Hawaii at the resident rate; which happened to be cheaper than the university I was attending in Alaska. It was win-win...especially when you realize I dragged my brand new husband along with me!...more

Back to School for Adults: Saving Money on Books

For many families, this time of the year is all about getting their children back into a school routine, making sure they have everything they need for their classroom, and buying new clothes, shoes, and backpacks. For others, it means buying 50 pounds of textbooks for college, stocking up on coffee, and bracing yourself for long nights and hours of reading. I'm talking about the adult college student, because that's what I'm about to be in a few short days when classes start. ...more

5 Regrets of a College Graduate

Nathalie Y Grogan ...more

General Hospital, Baking Pies, and Why I Never Made Dean's List

My list of college accomplishments was short. I was guilty of falling in and out of love hard and spending too much time in front of my mirror. I didn't have a clue how to balance a check book or to begin writing a term paper any sooner than the night before it was due.All true. But thanks to my cousin, Kathy, I learned to bake a pie while I was in college.I'm putting that down as my #1 achievement, sad as that may sound to those of you who made Dean's List. I'll own it....more

What Your Kids Should NOT Bring to College (And a Few Things That They Should)

Around this time last year, just as the first Hello Kitty notebook hit the shelves at Target (signaling the start of the back-to-school frenzy), my older son and I started shopping for his dorm room.Ugh!It should have been fun—all the possibilities! But my son had very little enthusiasm for the process and I had very little patience....more
unrehearsedtiff I forgot about the air fresheners. That was something else that I tossed in my ...more


Finals are approaching – but no need to panic! Thanks to being a college senior, I know all the secrets to passing exams. I put together a list of 11 study tips to guarantee success! This list have NEVER failed me – follow these steps and you will ace ALL your finals (and future tests as well)....more