Five Tips for Scheduling Classes this Semester

In just a few days, my student SIS system will allow me to start registering for classes for the fall semester. I'm extremely excited about this but also intimidated. ...more

Military Spouses: Options for Paying for School

As military spouses, we wear many hats and we change them by the minute. We often put ourselves last and that means we often go years without thinking about our goals. Balancing military family life and education is hard, but it isn’t impossible. Once you make the commitment, the next hurdle is the financial one. Can your family afford for you to go to college? Will you need to leave your job?...more

What You Don't Know Won't Hurt You need to get 400 hits on my YouTube video about Women and Heart Disease (CVD) for my Women's Global Health and Human Rights class.  Please click on the link and view my video!Thanks for yout help!Cathy...more

How Cutting Class Helped My Daughter Decide What College to Attend

When it came to selecting colleges, Erica just wasn't feeling it.  It was late September/early October and she really had no dream school or tingly feeling about going to any certain place.  It wasn't for lack of trying.  We have been touring colleges since the girls can remember.  Most of our tours weren't official; we just visited whatever institutions just happened to be in the area we just happened to be passing through.  We had t-shirts and decals from Harvard, Princeton, Yale, NYU, get the idea.  We laughed when Adrienne was accepted to Duk...more

Get the Most of Your General Education Classes

Most college degree programs have gneral education requirements. While these classes may seem off-topic from your goals, they probably aren't, and they may be your best chance to really have some fun as you pursue a degree. APU faculty member Angela Matthews explains why....more

Being a College Student as an Adult

Nichole Ahlstrom, COLL100 Faculty at American Public UniversityFulfilling a childhood dream can be one of the most rewarding and exciting times in a person’s life. Personally, I have dreamed of becoming a college professor for as long as I can remember. Without the love and support from family I would not have had the strength or guidance to accomplish my education goals.Pursuing their dreams has led many adults like me back to the college classroom. I have found that there is much to be gained by the experience....more

Top 10 Bible Verses for Graduation

Graduation is a great milestone in life. Listed below are Bible verses,God's Holy truth, to encourage and guide graduates. Share God's wisdomwith those you love as they embark on their new journey in life.Share them on Facebook and Twitter, send them in texts, include them in cards, engrave them on gifts or send out the link to this post but don't failto impart God's truth from the Bible....more

"Cracking Cards" Bank Scams are on the Rise: Educate Your College Bound Student

Nashville-Middle TN is in the midst of an economic boom....more

Handing Down Healthy Habits to My Teenage Daughter

Tis' the season for the college kids (maybe yours included) to come home for the summer....more
We totally agree with you!  Each of us moms on this blog have a teenage daughter in a singing ...more

From Junior to Senior : Help Them Get Ready for College

It’s June and we know the last thing you may want to think about is going back to school; especially if you or your child just got out. However, summer can be the perfect time to start planning for your child to get ready for the college life – be it this year, next year or two years from now. A little bit of planning now can save you some serious questions and headaches down the road....more