Do Colleges Support the Satya Nadella Effect?

As my kids prepare for college, I wonder about the role universities play in gender disparities in the workplace....more

Getting Ready to Visit Your Kids? Be Safe – Read this First!

Getting Ready to Visit Your Kids?  Be Safe – Read this First! ...more

My Son Isn't Going To College

My son isn't going to college. I know I should be hanging my head in shame. Society-at-large thinks I'm a failure... and I've raised a failure of a kid.  He'll probably be sleeping on my couch until he's well into his thirties.  Or maybe he'll just leech off the state for a while.  Or flip burgers for eternity, just suffering through a miserable and unfulfilling life until the end of his days.  I mean, everyone knows the only road to success and happiness runs straight through a four-year university. Or does it? ...more

Working Toward a Degree in IT? Find an Internship

In the IT war for talent, an internship can provide excellent opportunities for hiring managers and employees alike to find the right fit. As a student or recent graduate, an internship is your opportunity to gain valuable, real-world experience.As an employer—you can freely observe the working performance and long-term potential of a candidate. A robust internship program may also enable you to:...more

School Success Tip: Ask for Help

By Nichole AhlstromI often wonder why it can be difficult for students to ask their instructors for assistance, when in reality just asking a question can alleviate unnecessary stress. The fear of asking for clarification can be overwhelming to some students. Asking for assistance is not only a fundamental life skill, but it also allows the student to initiate a discussion that can lead to greater success....more

The Top 5 Ways To Prepare For Dropping Your Child Off At College

Two weekends ago I took my 18 year old daughter to college.We flew out together to a campus on the other side of the country, where I helped her move into her dorm room, bought her a veritable sh**t load of dorm supplies at Target, helped her buy her text books (meaning I provided the credit card), attended a few orientations and met her room-mate; the one person on the entire campus that my daughter knew (and they'd really only texted and Facebooked each other a few times during the summer.)...more

It's Football Time In Tennessee!! {Game Day Style}

Now, I'm not one to rush into things... But up here in Alaska, it's fall. Cool, crisp, colorful leaves, fall!...more

Cutting Textbook Costs


I lived inside the Underground Railroad – and I didn’t even know it

EstheticGoddess BrownGirlLongHair Of course!!! <3more

So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish

If you asked him, he would agree. A week after High School graduation and he was ready to move on. Just skip over all the sentimental bull crap that all of us parents need to work through. Catharsis. All of our lamenting about what to watch out for, how to stay out of trouble and keep focused. You know the moments where you remember your parents telling you the same thing. But we still give the advice. As if it was new.“I’ll be fine and just cause you think I’ll make the same mistakes as you, doesn’t mean I will.”...more