Hey, college kids! Start making your own food. It's easy enough.

When I was a college kid, I did not have a stove/oven. I also did not have a lot of common sense about the food I should have been putting into my body.(I know my parents are reading this, so I will just point out that no, I am not blaming my parents for my formerly poor dietary habits.)This combination of deficiencies has meant one thing:Minimally three trips per day to the cafeteria for the most basic of sustenance....more
youraunt haha You are great! Thanks for reading! PS - if you even knew how many spelling and ...more

8 Dorm Room or Teen Spaces Decorating Ideas

Hey man, if these walls could talk. It seems like rooms go through alot of change. Have you ever thought about this? Prob not, unless you were an awkward only child like I was. Or maybe I was not awkward, just afraid of people. That's all. Kidding! Anywho-- I'm in the process of transitioning my co-sleeping baby, into an independent mother of three-- wait, that's me. But, I will be starting the process of weaning my little one, and getting her ready for her own bed....more

The Practical Mom's Guide to Outfitting Your Student for College: Dorm Life

Have you gone to your student’s college orientation yet? What’s the number one thing on your mind? If you’re like us, it’s not about the variety of programs the university offers, how fancy the rec center is or how to pay bills -- a subject close to college administrators hearts. No, the real questions most moms have are mom questions. ...more

Last Fall I moved my son and daughter (twins)into the dorm. It was a night and day experience. ...more

The Princeton Review Reveals Top 5 Luxury College Dorms

College students are trading in ramen noodles and futons for posh college amenities. Why not live like a rock star in college? You can always cram some roommates together in an apartment after you graduate and start making your student loan payments. Princeton Review’s The Best 371 Colleges 2010 rates colleges based on dorm comfort. If you want to study in style, here are the top 5 college dorms that made the “Dorms Like Palaces” list by the Princeton Review. ...more

As incredible as that all sounds, I thought the "typical college experience" included a.) ...more