A Bunch of Crap the Class of 2015 Should Ignore

Dear young(er) people,I've always wanted to write a commencement speech, but that usually requires being invited to a commencement at which to speak....more

I Paid For College, and I'm Proud

It was never a question of "if" I would go to college. It was expected of me, and I expected it of myself. I remember talking with friends in the first grade about attending the University of Hawaii together. As a Navy brat and Oahu resident at the time, it seemed only natural. ...more
I am paying my own way through my American graduate college experience, with my tuition and ...more

I Graduated, and It Feels Great

It was instilled in me for years that I was supposed to get my college degree, but my path to this goal was far from typical. This post is part of BlogHer's Goal, Accomplished! editorial series, made possible by Always Infinity. ...more
I am so happy for you and we can be our own worst enemy. Only you could decide and achieve what ...more

A Video We All Need To See: "This Is Water"

I was going to start this post by saying "This video is for all the graduates out there," but the truth is, it's for all of us. We're all in here. All out there. All swimming in the same water.The simple, unbridled humanity of this beautiful commencement address to Kenyon College by author David Foster Wallace in 2005 is made all the more poignant by the author's untimely death three years later.The original audio has been beautifully edited with this video, put together by the artists at TheGlossary.com....more

The Last "F-Word"

As you may have noticed, I get very nostalgic when you hit major milestones: your first laugh, your first words, your first steps, your first birthday, yoursecond birthday, your first big boy bed…the list goes on. ...more

In Gratitude: Thoughts from a Graduation

Returning last week from our oldest daughter’s graduation, I feel somehow aligned with those graduates, as I am a parent moving from one major life phase to another. During the very joyful weekend, my husband, more literal and fiscally oriented than me, kept repeating ”one down, two to go” referring to our younger two children. Meanwhile, I tried to silence my more sentimental thoughts for fear of getting weepy, or sounding cliché and down-right old....more

Our Graduation Day "Adventure"...

Today was Caitlin's graduation from college.  It marked the last graduation (bachelor's degree) of our four children.  Everyone was excited as we made plans to stay at the lake house, which was an hour closer to the university she attended in East Texas.  BUT...as they say, "The best laid plans tend to go awry often times".  Today was one of those days! ...more

Graduation Flashback: Then and Now

Graduation Flashback: Then and Now As I watched the students march in procession, I thought back to my undergrad college graduation from the University of Illinois in Urbana....more

Three Graduates

I put the photos in frames at least a year ago but walking by them recently they jumped out at me from their perch on top of the bookshelf in the penthouse (lol).  The penthouse is what I call the third floor of our house because it’s mostly my husband’s domain. (It reminds me of his 12th floor apartment that he lived in while we were dating.) ...more

It's funny how you can't always predict which child will have a smooth ride and which a bumpy ...more

So Much Baggage You Need a Bellhop? Join the Crowd

In the 60's and early 70's, I sported a hippie wanna-be look. In retrospect, the look was a bit clownish. Afterwards, during the 80's, I wore – in public, mind you -- tight leggings with an oversized shirt. Even today I cringe when I view photographs of my hairstyles from the early 90's. What was I thinking? My grown children laugh uncontrollably when I tell stories about the “old days.” Bad clothing choices, weird jobs, and strange antics. Did I really do that? The past has a way of mixing embarrassment with a good dose of laughter. ...more

Sometimes pain is pain, and no amount of wisdom can make up for the fact that you hurt, and ...more