Healthy Colon Cleansing Smoothie Recipe

Cleanse your colon, remove waste and get a flat tummy with this Healthy Colon Cleansing Smoothie Recipe. The foods in this smoothie are foods within our hand reach and they are healthy and inexpensive....more

Opening My Blogging Door to You

Teresa Bell Kindred

Colon Health

Relaxing at the cabin this weekend.  Should be pretty quiet as several cabinites are in different places than our little Eden.  B&B2 are coming up today, just for the night and we're having a few over for ribs and pork tender.  Very, very low key and laid back is my plan and my usual thang!  I actually slept in this morning, well, except for getting up at 4:30 to feed Clayton and potty him.  I was back to bed in a flash and did not open my eyes until 9:30AM!!!!!  Unheard of for me anymore....more

The Fiber Report

I know someone who I speak to regularly about the regularity of their trips to the bathroom.  It seems that they've been having quite a bit of difficulty regulating this aspect of their life which causes quite a bit of distress. This particular person would be aghast if they knew that I was writing about them here and I'm taking pains to disguise their identity....more

Honoring Dr. Malinda Sapp & Women with CRC Tonight Live

  While watching an episode of Dr. Oz this week my sister and I debated the percentages of African American women dying of colon cancer(CRC.) Based on her education [her associate degree in medical administration] and experience she didn’t think black women had a heavy concern about this cancer.  While I, a full-time patient with ten years experience in and out of hospitals and labs, meeting all types of other female patients, I begged to differ....more

TMI FTW: Why I Need to Show You What's Been Ravaging My Body

LOOK. SEE! THIS IS WHY I HURT! THIS IS WHY I COMPLAIN! -- that's really the message I'm sending when I take shots of my IV-laden arms that make me look like a junkie or my kids making me smile in my hospital bed. ...more

...with "loss of control" .. that's exactly what blogging gives me.. the only control I have ...more