From The Doglady's Den:Sung to the tune of "It's Howdy Doody Time." Here's the original to refresh your memory:...more

Why John Nappi Wants People to Just Say Yes!

John Nappi wants to shout, “Just Say Yes!” from the rooftops. He wants to see the words plastered on tee shirts and bumper sticker and posters. He wants people to ask, “Say yes to what?”...more

Win a Colonscopy! No joke!

There are tons of contests every day that you might be tempted to enter. They offer everything from cruises to cash for prizes. However, there’s one contest that stands out as being somewhat different. Their grand prize is a colonoscopy.Say what?Yes, it’s really true. You can enter a contest sponsored by CBS  at CBSCARES to win a free colonoscopy!You might ask why would anyone enter a contest like that? Here’s why….....more

Food & Poo

WARNING:  This blog post is not for the squeamish. If you don't want to know then STOP READING NOW! For the past few years I have had an issue with my, well, poo!  There I said it.  At this age I guess it is inevitable to have some issues with bodily functions....more

Prepping For My Colonoscopy

Yes, you read that correctly.  I'm apologizing in advance.  It's time for my colonoscopy screening and I'm taking you with me.  Nice.  Just what you wanted to hear, huh?Your colon health is important!...more
My thoughts and prayers will be with you tomorrow!more

If Mom Has to Pull Over, Don't Look...OK?

I am about to experience, but hopefully, not remember, one of my worst fears in life. No, I'm not about to be eaten alive by a 600lb tarantula. I am not about to walk into 12th grade science class butt naked. Nor am I going to eat squirrel pot pie with stewed okra. I am going to have a Brazilian Butt Lift. (AKA colonoscopy.)Your hiney just clenched, didn't it? Its ok, I know the feeling....more

Yesterday's blog post entry is not posted

I do not know what I did wrong, but when I checked my profile, the blog entry I made last nite about weekends was not there. I know I pressed the save button. Anyways, lets move on. I will try to recount some of the things I said on yesterdays blog. Mainly, it was about how weekends are not really as important or exciting for non working people. I do not want to classify housewives and other people who chose not to work in this. I am only referring to people like me who have always been working and now am at home till I find a job. ...more

Get Squished

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The Colonoscopy Experience

Quite a week, this week just past!  Yes, indeed, I reported for my colonoscopy as ordered after preparing as directed. This test was conducted in an outpatient surgical center, the first time I've had a procedure in such a place. It resembled the ambulatory surgery center at the local hospital, so it was quite familiar....more

Who Wants to Have My Colonscopy for Me?

Silly title. But, really, I am quite serious. If I could pay, badger, coax, or persuade someone else to have my colonoscopy for me, I would. Oh, I don't mind the procedure itself so much, although my veins are still scarred from the multitude of needle pricks I had six months ago. It's the preparation I mind. The liquid diet on the day prior is fine. It's that darned stuff I will  have to drink that worries me. I've had a couple of prior experiences with "cleaning out," and it was not pleasant!...more