The Four Important C's to Consider When Purchasing a Diamond

If you are planning to invest in a quality piece of diamond jewelry, are you aware that there are several things that need to be considered before your final purchase?...more

Does Race Still Matter?

On the surface, that seems like an unlikely question to ask, at least in America. ...more

In the name of awareness (the FB color meme)

If you're on Facebook, you've seen the meme going around the past couple of days. Women the world over are posting colors to their status updates. Lots of black, some pink, some white, a virtual rainbow. It's a game that several of my circles (high school, local friends, blogging friends) are playing right now, and it looked cute if harmless. I wanted to play....more



  I always have a hard time with this description and am not crazy about blatant self promotion.I am a painter and have been one all my life which is to say from the positive point of view that I never had to run around looking for what it all means...on the other hand being completely creative has enormous drawbacks.  I am very content to paint.  Not a social person at all. The job market is such that basic  business knowledge is essencial and some of life's basics are missing from my profile....more


My dear friend D, now my model and muse, thought she couldn’t wear bright makeup because of her big blue eyes and pale olive skin. So we spent a day playing with color with the intention of proving her wrong… and making her drop dead gorgeous. The look we achieved was so fun and totally rock-n-roll (electric purple enhanced with browns for eye, a pale nude lip and flawless, soft skin).  In fact, it was such an ode to brights, we decided to shoot the finished beauty look outside in NYC amidst a kaleidoscope of urban colors. ...more


It's day 3 of the Obama Administration.  The Oval Office is hopping. Gitmo is closing.  Trials are delayed.  The middle east is on the road to peace - or at least conversation.  But what are Michelle Obama watchers talking about - her suit. Now that's just delicious.  Pre-inaugeration, the talk was all about discrimination.  Post inaugeration, the question is not about the color of her skin - but of her suit: yellow-gold, lemon-green, lemongrass??? Over 4000 articles dedicated to the lovely MO and her choice of fabric.  That is the beauty of America. Girlphyte ...more

First Sketch of the year

My First Sketch of the Year ...more

holiday decorating bling

Is it time to decorate yet?  For Christmas I mean. Signs point mainly to yes I say. Only please girls and boys, take the pumpkins off your porch first.  Remove the scarecrow from your mailboxalso.  And don’t forget to takedown your pilgrim flag either.   ...more