So anyone who has moved at all during their life knows the stress of moving. As many times as I would move, and I would pray I’d never have to do it again.No, the stress with moving is a walk in the park: try tying in the art of wrapping up your entire life in retirement and moving from an urban area to a place where I stand out on our deck at night and I hear crickets or birds and night sounds you’d never know exist in the city. We have come to the point where are in the home stretch and the anxiety is overwhelming....more

Beautiful morning

…if you don’t mind some humidity and early summer heat. Fortunately it is due to rain tonight into tomorrow to, hopefully,cool things down a little....more

Michigan Comcast Customers to be Transitioned Into a New Company

The majority of Comcast cable and internet services in Michigan could transition over to a new company in the coming months, Comcast announced earlier this week.Comcast announced recently that they would be creating a new, publicly traded company to handle the service of about 2.5 million customers in the Michigan area. Comcast subscribers in Southwest Michigan will not be affected by the change. The change could also affect customers in other markets, but final announcements have not been made....more

I get so mad!!!

I have been a customer of Comcast since I was 16 years old. I'm now 48, that's 32 years of loyalty to one service provider. I am so fed up with the problems with Comcast. It's infuriates me when I call about an issue and their immediate response is that it has to do with a "past due" balance. So I start off with the fact that I do not now nor have I ever paid for the month in advance. Period....more

Annoying behavior that's (unfortunately) revealing.

Anger tells me more about myself than just about any other emotion.  Maybe not specifically anger, because I’m not a very angry person, but certainly impatience.  And that tone of voice we get when we’re annoyed?  One of my least favorite things when I hear it coming out of my mouth. After going through a series of trials, minor and major, I realize this behavior refutes what I think I know about what kind of person I am.  ...more

G.E. and Comcast Strike a Deal for NBC: What It Could Mean for the Future of TV and the Internet

The General Electric Company has agreed to sell a controlling stake in NBC Universal to cable giant Comcast. Comcast will own 51% of a new joint venture with G.E. retaining 49%. While rumors of the pending deal have been swirling for months, the new venture still faces a regulatory confirmation process that deal watchers estimate will take anywhere from 9 to 18 months to complete. ...more

I'm less concerned about net neutrality issues because, even without NBC, Comcast (as you've ...more

Future buzz, current buzz, past buzz: all buzz

Some interesting bits of news and buzz are streaking around the tech world this week. I keep hearing that the FCC is all set to punish Comcast in some undisclosed and possibly uninforcable way for its attempts to control Internet bandwidth. Common Cause published Comcast Punished by FCC for Violating Net Neutrality. The article says, ...more

Is Twitter The Answer To Customer Service Woes?

Here is the tweet From Tracey Lee Wallace that got the attention of Comcast's digital detective, that got the attention of ABC News, that gave a bunch of people the idea that they should start complaining about their Comcast service on Twitter. "Damn Internet down in my house. Arrrrrgh. Can't fix until Thursday. Shoot me." ...more

I didn't get Twitter initially, but I get it now. I probably spend around 30 minutes/ day on the ...more

The FCC Holds Hearings on the Comcast Strangle Hold on Bandwidth

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) met this week at Stanford University to talk about network management or net neutrality. The specific issue was Comcast's well publicized habit of deciding what information makes it through their broadband pipes and what does not. ...more

'Preciate it.  I also have some articles on the FCC at

Fun and Games with Comcast Cable Bill

Has anyone else had this experience with Comcast Cable? Pajamadeen’s cable bill has always been due on the 10th of the month, since time immemorial. Well, okay, not quite since time immemorial but long enough that she’s known for years that the bill’s due on the 10th of each month. This month was different. ...more