The Man in the Blue Cap

A few weeks ago, I couldn't wait to finish my Saturday long run/workout so I could attend a fun day in DeBardeleben Park in downtown Bessemer, Alabama. Lawn chairs in tow, we arrived at the Bob Sykes BBQ & Blues Festival. As I was sitting down listening to the sounds of soulful blues, my husband asked me to pass him the camera so he could take some candid photos of the Blues party that was obviously going on. When he returned, he asked me to look through them. I scrolled through, then stopped at this one particular photo. My heart sunk......more

How to Help Your Hurting Child (When Everything Isn't Going To Be Okay)

My 11-year-old daughter looks like she just lost her best friend. Probably because in a way, she has....more
fushmush Thank you so much! I only wish you might not have need of it in the future.more

Please Go To Sleep!


9 Ways to Comfort Others!

When was the last time you sought an opportunity to comfort someone in need? Most of the time we are so busy with our lives that we just don't notice others. We may notice if our friend's outfit is in fashion.  We may notice their state of their vehicle. We may take note of the cleanliness of their home. We may notice surface things like that...but do we REALLY notice them? The state of their well-being, the expression of sheer exhaustion, the tired eyes that say so much more than they ever will - these are things that we should look for!...more

What Gives You Comfort?

I struggled through today. It wasn’t a horrible day by any standard, just a day full of small stumbling blocks. A seemingly never ending task list. A lingering sadness from recently losing my precious little dog, Buddy.We’ve all had those days. I just wanted to get finished with the day, shed the work clothes, and get into something comfortable....more

Geeky Nerdy HouseHead Comfort

Geeky Nerdy HouseHead ComfortI really do not care for clothes...I try to spend as much time out of them than I do in them. I feel restricted with clothes on. However when I am dressed I would say I have my own style. I like to layer a sundress over t-shirts or long sleeve tops. Or layer multiple t-shirts and bra top camisoles. I like jeans that are boot cut and have something funky on them. Or leggings with some kind of awesome design. I am a househead and a nerd(geek) so I am always looking for comfort....more

The Same

Oh, how I love the familiar.I raised my children in the house that Daddy built for Mama, the house where they raised me and my sisters. My children played on the same monkey bars at the same elementary school that I attended, and we all graduated (or will graduate) from the same high school. We swam at the same pool, but it doesn’t have a high dive anymore. We worship at the same church....more

An obvious glitch...

…because when I got out the front door this morning, I wasn’t immediately sweating. Ah,Mother Nature-you are so cruel. Teasing me with temporary low humidity and comfortable temperatures.I know you are two-faced,though, and will swipe the temperatures up in a blink of an eye. In the meanwhile, this might even call for going outside today and getting some chores done and sneaking in a little walking.Might as well get it in before the next string of 90+ degrees sneaks back in. Happy Wednesday!   ...more


I ** heart** sleep. Don’t get me wrong, but 6 hours is pretty good for me. I remember a time where I was a bear without 8. It’s all about change, I guess- change and age. Sure, babies are celebrated when they sleep through the night. Kids want to stay up all night on weekends and summer, but give them a school morning and most of them need a front loader to pick them out of bed and get their day started. As the ” clubbing” years arrive, I have witnessed many people dragging themselves in on zero-2 hours sleep and try to convince folks they are great! ...more


After years of tossing and turning on the hard and poke-y springs of the old, uncomfortable, instrument of torture that was my far past its prime bed, I finally have something new in my life. King-sized, pillow-topped, heaven-in-a-mattress. This miracle in sleep technology is not so much a bed as it is a floating island of somnolent comfort. In it, I don't so much sleep as slumber in cozy, lazy, blissful repose. ...more