Mashed Potato Chicken Bowl

The days are getting shorter.  Have you noticed?  Before we know it, it'll be dark around 4 and I'll be ready for bed by 6.  Not really, but it isn't too far from the truth.  Comfort food is beginning to make an appearance at our table.  How about yours?  What is your favorite comfort food?  Do mashed potatoes make your list?  They do mine and on one super busy weekday I came up with a plan involving mashed potatoes....more

Mini Cauliflower Crust Pizzas

Pinterest is always a good source of recipes (assuming you can get the links to work...), and sometimes when I see something circulating for awhile, I have to breakdown and try it. These cauliflower pizzas are one of those things. If you want a great way to sneak in some veggies, this is definitely the recipe for that. If you're looking for a traditional doughy or crispy pizza crust, these mini pizzas probably aren't going to satisfy you....more

Nothing Left To Do But Eat: Sausage, Potato, Kale, and White Bean Soup

The high here today is -17°. (Yes, there is a negative sign before that number.) The wind chill is going to be -35° to -65°. It's going to be the coldest day in decades. The meteorologists are telling everyone to hunker down and bundle up for the arctic blast. Awesome. People are freaking out about it, too. Shelves at the grocery store are bare, there are lines at the gas pumps. Sounds like there's nothing left to do but eat! I'm making soup....more

Joanie's What's On The Stove

Joanie's What's On The Stove started by a simple post on Facebook a few months back of what I was cooking that night for dinner.  My friends loved it!  So I started posting on a semi-regular basis.  Friends were commenting about how they look forward to see what I've got going on the stove and more than a few suggested I should start a blog about is my first attempt, ironically, the only thing on my stove tonight is a pot of beans soaking for tomorrow. ...more
SanPasqual'sKitchen Thank you Tammy!  Looking forward to the adventure and having the ...more

Mom's Sweet and Sour Meatballs

It feels like winter! I like it...because it gives me an excuse to eat a ton of comfort food! When I would come home for the holidays, my mom would make these three things for me: sweet and sour meatballs, chicken wild rice soup, and jerk chicken. These family recipes were hands down my favorites....more

Chili Mac and Cheese

 The other day, I was thinking back to when Z and I first got together.  I was a young new bride and didn’t know much about cooking.So, I did what any other sane person would do…….....more