Comfort Food Series Part 2: Mac 'N Cheese with Portabello Mushrooms and Bacon

Ahhh comfort food.... Providing comfort during these cold days.  What a perfect time to feature some of my favorite comfort food recipes.  Once a week I will feature a new comfort food during the fall and winter season.  What can you expect? Everything from the classics such as hearty soups and cheesy pastas, to some inventive dishes that I will soon share. Bon Appetit and stay warm! ...more

Comfort Food Part 1: Tomato Basil Soup

 There are few things better than a big bowl of home made tomato soup on a crisp fall or winter afternoon.  Paired with a grilled cheese sandwich, or cheese crostini, it becomes even better!  This tomato soup is perfect for your Sunday Brunch, or a lazy Saturday afternoon. Enjoy!...more

Comfort Food: Classic Chicken Parmesan

Squash Soup with Ginger and Sour Cream

What better fall dish than squash soup? Visit your local farmer's market and pick up a squash and then make this soup!...more
I made this soup literally last night.. soo good! :)more

Mushroom Farro Soup from The Way the Cookie Crumbles

Once again I'm touting the deliciousness of Farro, a type of emmer wheat from Italy that's a delicious addition to soups, stews, and casseroles. I love everything about this Mushroom Farro Soup from The Way the Cookie Crumbles, with both dried and fresh mushrooms, onions, carrots, garlic, stock, and a tiny bit of tomato paste. You can skip the small amount of sherry Bridget uses to add more flavor, but don't skip the little bit of sherry vinegar that's stirred in at the end.  (This recipe would be vegan if you use vegetable stock. Farro is not gluten-free, but brown rice would make a good substitute in this recipe.) ...more

Oldie But Goodie

Making lunch today, I had a thought.  There are things from our childhood that retain their appeal no matter how many years have passed.For me today, it was Campbell's soup.  To me, tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches will always be one of my favorite comfort foods.  It brings back childhood memories, warms both the body and soul, and is a quick, easy fix for what ails you....more

Midnight Bucatini with Bacon and Eggs

After three nights away from home, I flew back to the east coast, and at ten o'clock on Saturday night, Susan picked me up at JFK. I had been in the air for hours, wedged into a tiny blue vinyl seat; by the time I touched down, I was exhausted, and so I dozed on and off for the entire car ride home, which took nearly an hour and a half. When we walked through the front door—after the dogs calmed down, after the cats stopped having intimate relations with my luggage—I realized that I was hungry. Not hungry, but crazy hungry. Mad hungry, as Lucinda Scala Quinn would say. Famished....more
 @lifeinaskillet Agreed. And hey...better late for a delicious meal than never!more

[Irish Boiled cabbage and ham] Traditional Irish comfort food - Great recipe to use leftover ham

An Irish friend of mine gave me this recipe.Ireland is one of the countries I've never visited so far. :(I've traveled over 30 countries in my life, but I've never had a chance to go to Ireland.... :( I dream of visiting the country of Guinness and Celtic Woman some day. :)...more
As an Irish person, may I suggest you are over complicating things with your recipe! Here in ...more

Fab Foodies

Hello Foodies ~ I started Fab Foodies a couple months ago, to share my love of cooking. Everything is cooked or baked with love. Although my baking could use some more love lol. I invite you check out my web site and my Facebook page where i'd love for you "like" and it's a page to share your fabulous recipes and get your name out to the FB world. My page is My motto ~ Sharing The Love of Cooking ~ ...more
 @Fab Foodies BiG Virtual Hugs back!   :)more

The March Meal Plan is Simple and Satisfying (as is the pizza dough challenge!)

So I admit it. February’s Meal Plan was a tad too ambitious. Erm…well, a bit more than a tad. It would have been hard to stick to it if life was normal but my life has certainly NOT been normal lately. The most abnormal part: The Hubs has been traveling for work A LOT. Three weeks worth last month, another week+ coming up this month.Do you blame me if I’m not finding the energy to make seared sea scallops with preserved lemon slivers? Ha!So March’s goal is two words: SIMPLE and SATISFYING...more