Knowing the Difference Between A Comfort Zone and Limitations

I've always had big dreams. Even before I developed and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I wanted to go to an Ivy League college or an HBCU, I wanted to become a doctor, I wanted to have kids, I wanted to do a whole slew of big things. However, over the years I discovered, often times the hard way, that these big dreams just weren't within my reach. It had nothing to do with not being intelligent enough, or driven enough, or not trying hard enough. I simply have limitations that many other people don't. Just making it through undergrad was a struggle. It took me 8 years to finish....more

What Happened When I Left My Comfort Zone

As I walked across the stage to receive my diploma, I was walking into the unknown. The sea of many thousand faces, with mine featured on the event center big screen, greeted me as I left familiarity. For the past four years I had known what to expect. Though life changes did occur, I would always resettle into my comfort zone....more

High Heels vs Sneakers: The Psychology of wearing the comfort shoes

Does the goddess of Venus wear heels to be considered beautiful ?  Do our feet have personalities, or a mind of their own? 2 days ago, I had to go somewhere and meet someone formally. After getting dressed for the occasion, I desperately looked for my sneakers that my family had apparently hidden somewhere.Reason?They find it ridiculous that I wear them anywhere and ignore the heels. One of my friends, also forbade me to wear my sneakers that day no matter how adorable they looked....more

Comfort Zone, I'm leaving you.

Dear Comfort Zone,I am sorry to break this news to you in a letter, but I am leaving you. We have had some great times together and I will look back on our relationship with many fond memories but it just isn't enough for me anymore. I know that you and I want different things and, as such, we cannot go on kidding ourselves any longer. It has been fun but this has to be goodbye....more