Dress up or dress down on a day off?

When it is your day off from work how do you dress? Do you wear sweat pants and a tshirt? Do you dress to the 9s? How about when you go out with coworkers, or change from work?...more

The Wedge Heel: a dream come true...

Let me start off by saying that I'm completely aware of the benefits of wearing high-heeled shoes. I mean, it makes your bum look great, your legs look slimmer, and your thighs/calves more taut. BUT, wearing heels everyday is really not good for your lower back, feet, knees and even your posture. And as we approach summer the urge to wear heels as often as possible is even stronger because we wear skirts, shorts and dresses that show off our legs. So, do we sacrifice comfort for beauty?...more

Wedges are 10 times more comfy than regular heels ...they really should always be in style for ...more

Pajama Jeans - Great Invention or Pop Culture Joke?

Pajama Jeans are becoming part of pop culture. You can't watch TV or spend time on twitter without hearing reference to them (see video below). Since I love to keep up with pop culture, and the idea of wearing a pair of jeans that are both comfortable and look great sounded too good to be true, I decided it was time for me to try out a pair of Pajama Jeans for myself. ...more

Walking with the enemy....

When it comes to selecting shoes, I go by the old adage, it is better to look good, than to feel good.  As a result, most of my shoes look really pretty, but they are anything but comfortable.  Case in point.... These are one of my favorite shoes, look wise that is.  I brought these shoes to the city with me to wear to one of the cocktail parties we had to attend, along with a gray pinstriped suit.  If I was smart, I...more

The Three Crosses

This post was originally posted on Merry Wife of Canon on November 8, 2010....more

The Three Sisters

Yun misses her two sisters.  It  suddenly occurs to her that she has not called them since the New Year!!!  Yes, she is busy, deadline after deadline, chores after chores…  excuses after excuses....more

My Little Things that Hold Me Together

I like having symbolic things connect me to moments and people in my life. They offer associations that remind me and comfort me. Yup I'm relying on materialistic objects instead of just my memory or my experiences to keep something alive in my heart, in my awareness. My life is so full at times, so daunting at other times, and occasionally, even overwhelming. To see something simple, and have it evoke a pleasant experience in my consciousness is 'just what the doctor ordered.'...more

Sometimes We Need Comforting, too.

"As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you," says the Lord. ~Isaiah 66:13 In this holiday time, sad feelings can overtake us. Even though we may feel joyful around others, when we are alone such as driving home from work, in the shower or standing in line at the grocery store, sad, even lonely feelings can somehow overtake us. Does it mean we are depressed? Does it mean we are ungrateful? Does it mean we are oblivious to our blessings?...more


Lillie is my son’s Shi-tzu.  Or at least that’s what they told us when we bought her.  Personally, I think she’s a cross between a small dog and a dwarf antelope, and now that she’s  been shaved (badly) she looks like a Dr. Seuss nightmare on stilts. She is, however, without shame.   She thinks she’s beautiful, with or without a fuzzy pink sweater....more