Ballet-type flats that don't suck for the over 40 woman

The average woman has 30 pairs of shoes, according to the book Fashion 101, A Crash Coarse in Clothing by Erika Stalder. Boy am I behind the times.  I have a whopping total of 7 pairs of shoes/boots that I regularly wear.  New Balance white walking shoes, North Face waterproof hiking shoes, bogs gardening shoes and bogs gardening boots.  I also have 2 pairs of shoes that never go outside:  the purple foam crocks used as house slippers, and the black yoga-type Beech sandals with the toe separators for after shower....more

Granny Ruled

Equating my granny--Dad's mother--to anyone else isn't possible. Mom's mother had her own unique abilities, talents, and interests. Granny wasn't anything like Grandma, but they got along well and respected each other. A love of good food, a clean and tidy house, and harmony among those in the household made Granny happy. She always provided plenty of food. It might not have stood tall in a five-star restaurant, but anywhere good Southern food was served, her's would have been in demand. She was a great teacher....more

Too Lazy For Pants!

Have you seen the commercial where the woman admits she wears her yoga pants because she's too lazy for real pants? I so could have starred in that!! I love, love, love my yoga pants!! One, they're black so I can wear them with anything. Two, they stretch so I can make a pig out of myself and don't have to worry about them getting tight. Three, they are made of the most comfortable fabric on earth. I especially treasure them when traveling. There is nothing more comfortable you can wear when stuck in a car or airplane for hours....more

Walk Miles in Style - Shoe Review

I love to travel. I hate to look like a tourist. Especially in a metropolitan setting (it’s a whole other style discussion if I’m going to trek up and down the Grand Canyon). The ubiquitous camera is the first dead giveaway. And then the shoes. The comfortable, sensible walking shoes. Might as well have TOURIST tattooed in all caps on your forehead, right? You’re with me, I know it. It’s not that I need to wear 3 inch heels when I’m about to take the 3 miles city walking tour. I just don’t want to look… dowdy in my comfortable walking....more

Get comfortable

Dress up or dress down on a day off?

When it is your day off from work how do you dress? Do you wear sweat pants and a tshirt? Do you dress to the 9s? How about when you go out with coworkers, or change from work?...more

The Wedge Heel: a dream come true...

Let me start off by saying that I'm completely aware of the benefits of wearing high-heeled shoes. I mean, it makes your bum look great, your legs look slimmer, and your thighs/calves more taut. BUT, wearing heels everyday is really not good for your lower back, feet, knees and even your posture. And as we approach summer the urge to wear heels as often as possible is even stronger because we wear skirts, shorts and dresses that show off our legs. So, do we sacrifice comfort for beauty?...more

Wedges are 10 times more comfy than regular heels ...they really should always be in style for ...more

Pajama Jeans - Great Invention or Pop Culture Joke?

Pajama Jeans are becoming part of pop culture. You can't watch TV or spend time on twitter without hearing reference to them (see video below). Since I love to keep up with pop culture, and the idea of wearing a pair of jeans that are both comfortable and look great sounded too good to be true, I decided it was time for me to try out a pair of Pajama Jeans for myself. ...more

Walking with the enemy....

When it comes to selecting shoes, I go by the old adage, it is better to look good, than to feel good.  As a result, most of my shoes look really pretty, but they are anything but comfortable.  Case in point.... These are one of my favorite shoes, look wise that is.  I brought these shoes to the city with me to wear to one of the cocktail parties we had to attend, along with a gray pinstriped suit.  If I was smart, I...more

The Three Crosses

This post was originally posted on Merry Wife of Canon on November 8, 2010....more