The Three Sisters

Yun misses her two sisters.  It  suddenly occurs to her that she has not called them since the New Year!!!  Yes, she is busy, deadline after deadline, chores after chores…  excuses after excuses....more

My Little Things that Hold Me Together

I like having symbolic things connect me to moments and people in my life. They offer associations that remind me and comfort me. Yup I'm relying on materialistic objects instead of just my memory or my experiences to keep something alive in my heart, in my awareness. My life is so full at times, so daunting at other times, and occasionally, even overwhelming. To see something simple, and have it evoke a pleasant experience in my consciousness is 'just what the doctor ordered.'...more

Sometimes We Need Comforting, too.

"As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you," says the Lord. ~Isaiah 66:13 In this holiday time, sad feelings can overtake us. Even though we may feel joyful around others, when we are alone such as driving home from work, in the shower or standing in line at the grocery store, sad, even lonely feelings can somehow overtake us. Does it mean we are depressed? Does it mean we are ungrateful? Does it mean we are oblivious to our blessings?...more


Lillie is my son’s Shi-tzu.  Or at least that’s what they told us when we bought her.  Personally, I think she’s a cross between a small dog and a dwarf antelope, and now that she’s  been shaved (badly) she looks like a Dr. Seuss nightmare on stilts. She is, however, without shame.   She thinks she’s beautiful, with or without a fuzzy pink sweater....more

The Prisons Inside Us

So Erica Jong has written this very antagonistic go-for-the-jugular piece railing against full-time mothers and mothers who have chosen to stay at home to some degree or another and attachment parent.  She says we are looking at a twenty year prison sentence, and that these new trends in making more time to love and hold and nurse and raise our young are “harmful” to women and families.    Let’s just say that I have gone right for the bait and lashed back at her in defensive facebook updates that mimic her in tenor and tone.  Let’s say that I have seen my own form o...more

Letting Go of My Orgasm Spreadsheet

But it didn't make sense. All evidence I had suggested that desire and the urgency of its fulfillment died with continued exposure. Erotic tension could not exist unless something was lacking, some aspect of the Other. This was so clear that most people contemplated the death of passion over time as something completely natural in relationships. And then I remembered something I already knew but seemed to have forgotten: that relationships are not solely about desire. ...more

I love this article! I find myself exactly the same way you were before you met your husband. I ...more

Starbucks New Marketing Slogan: "Take Comfort In Rituals"

Take Comfort In Rituals.  That’s what it says on the front door at Starbucks.  Of course it’s a wise marketing campaign.  Who doesn’t love a comforting ritual?  I drove several hundred miles a few days ago, using Starbucks as a convenient stop and stretch place.  Nearing home, I wouldn’t dare count how many caffeinated drinks I consumed due to all these “comforting”  stops.   When I left home on this latest trip, there was no sign of the new campaign, but back in my nest the next day, making the rounds of da...more

Me too,Portland Peeps. I am unapologetically loyal. I like the familiar. Also admire the ...more

Small Comforts

 Our family is in the midst of a major crisis....more