WonderCon, yep I went--Nerdtastic!

I did it, went to WonderCon this last weekend.  Oh how I wish now in hindsight that I had purchased tickets for the entire three days.  All I can say is that it was a hell of a good time to see the comic books, the artists, the illustrators, the writers, the cosplayers and the people like me who just geeked out.  ...more

Time For a Smile

Christian Humour? Yup, hilarious, biblical, denominational and personal jibes all served with a  smile. Self deprecatory humour with the ability to laugh at ourselves is healthy and great for overblown egos. This week it is biblical humour with snickers at Noah's plight....more

Fab Fearless Females in Comics - Summer Reading List

At the comic shop I work at we had a special event last weekend that was met with much success.  A “Ladies” night.  A night where women and woman-identified could shop, chat and just generally geek out in an open store staffed by all female staff and attended by a local female artist.  Even at my store (which is pretty damned inclusive and open) women have felt uncomfortable.  It was nice to shop without the judgement or stares from other male customers and our ladies told us so....more
Denise Such a beautiful book, This One Summer is.  :)  Rat Queens would, in my opinion, be ...more

We Need Diverse Books (And That Means Comics Too!)

Earlier this spring, my daughter was thrilled to find Wonder Woman and Cyborg on her cereal box. I collected my thoughts on how something that seems simple, two comic book stars as advertisement, was actually a big deal. We don't often see superheroes as anything other than white men. Seeing Wonder Woman, a female superhero, and Cyborg, a black superhero, featured on the cereal box and on the free comic inside is worth talking about, and worth demanding more of. We don't have enough comic book characters, and especially superheroes, who represent all of us. ...more

A Superhero Kegger: The Battle to Be The Life of the Party

Like many mothers of small boys, I am often asked to play superheroes. My son Michael has loved to engage me in this activity for a while now, ever since receiving a Batcave a few Christmases ago....more

Don't Spare The Spook - Ghoulish Graphic Novels To Get You Pumped for Halloween

I love Halloween.  The candy, the costumes, the creativity.  This year our store celebrated the Halloween ComicFest and I gathered up all our best reads in the horror category and made a giant display at the front of the store.  Here is a list of my top ten favorites....more
Denise No, I hadn't but I will now!  Thanks!  I just took a peek and it's right up my alley. :)more

Thoughts on My First Comic Convention

I mean, according to the movies and high school and anything I ever learned from band camp, these are the punch lines, right? The nerds, the geeks, the people who don’t fit in. Except these people were amazing. They were real and colorful and…themselves. ...more
Welcome to Con going!  I, too, love the people watching and the inclusive nature.more

Kickstart THIS! The Big Feminist BUT, edited by Shannon O’Leary and Joan Reilly

This project was announced forever ago, and I had almost given it up for dead.  Imagine my delight when it was announced it was up on Kickstarter!...more

Black Friday/Small Business Saturday

If you feel like shopping today, might I point you to the Ladies Making Comics aStore? If you don’t or just want a reminder that not everyone’s in a capitalist frenzy, here’s a few comics that have a social conscience by ladies.  I’ve linked to WorldCat so you might find them in a local library....more

The Underground Heritage of Women's Voices in Comics

This past weekend at the main branch of the San Francisco Public Library was the opening of a retrospective in honor of the 40th Anniversary of Wimmen's Comix, the groundbreaking underground comix anthology series that ran (sporadically) from 1972 to 1992.  Many of the contributing cartoonists were in attendance:...more