I Am Not Ready For Endless Love

I was at my desk the other day, listening to my 80′s playlist on iTunes and grinding through my to-do list. Suddenly, the song Endless Love came on and I was whisked away to my teen days....more

Robin’s Blue #33 Amazon Top 100 Bestsellers Coming of Age Fiction

It’s hard to believe that less than a month ago, I self-published. It was a long road. Ten years to be exact. And no easy feat. There was a lot of market study, design and prep. But it’s paid off. 12,000 sales in two weeks, top listing on Amazon Bestsellers....more

FREE Kindle Download of Robin's Blue the Novel Nov. 5-9th

Free Kindle Download promo of Robin's Blue the Novel Nov. 5-9th!Robin’s Blue is an addictive read about a suburban girl turned high-class call girl, set against the backdrop of the Reagan-era 80’s.“Robin’s Blue” is a brilliantly vivid time capsule of blank generation 80s decadence fused with a poignant and sensitive coming of age tale that’s totally timeless. - Erik Himmelsbach --Contributor, Los Angeles Times...more

Me, My Mom and Elizabeth Taylor

Today is the one-year anniversary of the death of one of my icons, Elizabeth Taylor. Last year, I struggled to pen a blog post to honor Liz. At the time, I was mainly known as the fashion/style contributor at Girl's Guide to the Galaxy. As such, I thought I should probably rehash Liz's style over the years as many had already done, but was probably expected of me from my loyal readers....more

Eighth Grade Graduation: The American Coming-of-Age

Two dresses: one for the actual ceremony and one for the party after. Matching shoes, of course. Manicure, pedicure (OK, I couldn’t resist). Hair softly curled like Leighton Meester (of Gossip Girl fame). I even allowed her to wear make-up (shimmering pink lip gloss and iridescent eye shadow) for the first time. All this because my daughter was graduating from eighth grade. ...more

Rituals tend to become less meaningful when applied in a broad-brush fashion. The graduation ...more

The Archaeology of My Daughter's Coming of Age

We measured ourselves the other day. I am still taller but only by half an inch. Her hair is longer, swinging like a horse's tail, the signature look of girls her age. She borrows my shoes and, occasionally, even my clothes. I won't let her wear makeup yet, she doesn't need it. She has her father's eyes, her grandmother's cheekbones, and lips all her own. She is, in a word, beautiful. But then again, I am partial. ...more

I never realized how much more growing up I would have to do, to continue to be a parent to ...more

Yes Ma’am, I am a Ma’am

During my 30’s until my mid 40’s I worked for a conservative company based in the South. I was a field sales person on the West Coast and had an in house assistant. We were about the same age but a different status with-in the company. I asked her to call me by my first name but she told me she could not. To her I was Miss Haralee. When I asked her a question, she replied yes Ma’am or no Ma’am....more

Rooms R Us

I could hardly wait! My own room for the first time ever. I didn't have to sleep with other people in the room anymore...a place where I could close the door and escape into daydreams, fantasies, and PRIVACY. ...more

Halo Lounge

The Halo Lounge ...more

What a beautiful post.  Oh, the irony of life.  I look forward to reading ...more