Commenting Hoops: Will You Jump Through Them in Order to Leave a Comment?

I recently turned on comment moderation on my blog for the first time in almost eight years.  My spam situation had gotten out-of-hand, and I was spending inordinate amounts of time during the day jumping onto my blog to delete spam comments that were cluttering up the space.  Spam filters failed me, so I went with the next easiest thing for commenters. ...more
I refuse to leave a blog comment on any blog that uses Captcha, it's the most annoying thing ...more

How Can You Show a Blogger that She is Appreciated?

How can you support your favourite bloggers so they don't disappear into the Internet ether? Simple: let them know they're appreciated. Without that feedback, they may stop writing, and then you'd have nothing to read. That's What She Said has come up with a list of several ways you can show your favourite bloggers that you love them. From using your social media streams to promote one of their posts to leaving a comment, she has a number of non-time-consuming ways that you can say thank you with your actions. ...more
I agree! I share blog love too! If I feel a blog post will be helpful to someone or they would ...more

Do you write letters to the editors of Parenting Magazines?

I just received the new issue of Today's Parent in the mail. I scanned the cover, read a few of the article themes, opened the mag up and flipped through it. I didn't have time for anything more. When I closed it, I looked more closely at the cover image of a really freakin' cute baby girl. But, she didn't look right. I realized the reason was because she didn't have any pores in her skin. Her skin was literally as smooth and flawless as porcelain. I have a hard time believing that the child's face is really like that. ...more

Bloggy Housekeeping P.S.

After devoting part of my evening to messing about on my blog, I have another couple of quick housekeeping notes for my readers (and also a small request, if you'll please bear with me!). Housekeeping Notes ...more

The Shrinking Blog Comment Section

There has been talk around the blogosphere about comments tapering off; where there were once vibrant conversations, there are now only a few people talking. And yet the same people report that their overall stats haven't fallen. Readership for the most part remains constant, but the discussion has tapered off, almost as if it has been sprayed with experimental perfume and we're witnessing the Incredible Shrinking Blog. ...more
I think reading on the phone isn't conducive to commenting sometimes also.  For us old ladies, ...more


I'm just saying...please come on by and comment.  For some reason the blog is getting nearly over 500 hits in the past three days and absolutely no comments.  What's up with that.  Please come on by and take a look around at Jill of All Trades ...more

Keeping me humble

You've probably heard that saying, "When you point a finger at someone else, three fingers are pointing back at you." Yes, it's rather cliché, but like many clichés, it's also rather true. Here's an embarrassing example. ...more
Hmm I wonder if *those* comment notifications are working on my blog. My admin notifications are ...more

Study Shows Pseudonyms Lead to the Best Comments

Mashable recently reported on an interesting study done by the commenting mechanism, Disqus. Disqus discovered that "Commenters who use pseudonyms tend to offer better comments." Which opens up a new thread in the ongoing debate about using real names instead of aliases on the Internet. This is coming on the heels of Google+ also announcing that they're finally going to be allowing people to utilize a pseudonym provided it is an established alias and not a newly created one. ...more
This is fascinating.   I use my real name, but I would probably speak much more openly about ...more

Putting the Social in Social Media

Is technology impairing our ability to write?  Probably not, even though communication boundaries have clearly shifted.  Language, after all, is a socially constructed and continually negotiated aspect of culture. People have long wanted to believe that computers have had a significant impact on writing skills, almost since the first pc came online, although there has been no evidence to support such a claim. ...more

2nd Annual Blog Commenting Challenge!

Last year, in July, I hosted a commenting challenge bloghop. Several hundred bloggers participated and I've continued getting emails this year asking if I will host another one, sooooo.......more
i think this is the best way to share our websites and our activities and thanks for Mr.admin ...more