I Watch the Super Bowl for the Commercials Only

 I’m convinced my complete disregard for football may be connected to my early immigration. I’ve never had an interest in football nor have I ever attended a real live football game. This was a considerable waste as my high school had an undefeated football team, but I barely noticed. Despite my Soviet birth, I do not prefer soccer to football and don’t have an inherent passion to debate this subject, as some Europeans love to do....more

The Best And Worst "As Seen On TV" Items And Why They're Hilarious

I love infomercials.  I used to deny it but now I’m embracing it.  How better to waste an hour of your day than watching actors pretend to be frustrated with things that rarely cause frustration?...more
For a moment there I was kinda tempted by the Dump Cake, and then I remembered.  The local ...more

Enough About Football; Which Ads Won The Superbowl?

Love 'em or hate 'em it's damn near impossible to ignore 'em. From where I sat, Coke fell flat, Go Daddy left me both gagging and seriously considering another registrar (who really thought their ads could get worse?) Budweiser paid off their big name celebrity cameos with a chuckle-worthy twist, and Tide took the Don Draper Trophy for spot of the night with their very sinister Joe Montana Stain....more
"God Made a Farmer" from Ram Trucks and The Richards Group was outstanding. My friends in the ag ...more

Some Dreams Are Just To Bizarre To Explain

Sitting around with Matthew discussing prescription drug commercials and wondering about the various side-effects.So many to choose from.  How do the patients know which to select? I mean, that's why they list them, right? So you can go to your doctor and tell him which side-effect you would want. I think that is very thoughtful of the drug companies....more

John Lewis Snowman Advert

 Ok, call me cheesy but the first time I saw this advert I was in awe. It seemed so sad and haunting, but with such a happy ending. I thought it was just so sweet how much Mr. Snowman went through for Lady Snowman (Snowlady?).  For my readers who aren't in the UK and for those who are in the UK who haven't seen it, take a minute to watch. The song is so lovely as well. ...more

Want to Go to Paris? Don't Have a Kid.

Commericials are so ridiculous in general that the one I saw last night hardly even bears mention, but it stuck with me, not only for it's blatant exclusionary tactics (which, in a commercial, where your audience is women, and a large percentage of that audience, would, by nature of things, have children, can't be a particularly clever thing to do), but also for its sheer length.So, after my babies were tucked away in their beds, most definitely not sleeping, laughter and shouts erupting from the room every few minutes, and every few minutes more, a plantiff plea: "Mommy?  Mooo...more

Babies React to the Optimum Triple Play Commercials

We've recently noticed that our 8-month-old has a fascination with the Optimum Online Triple Play TV commercial. It comes on often during the Today show. They change the commercial every so often - so there have been many renditions - but the jingle stays the same. It's very annoying, yet catchy - it may even make jingle history. The marketing strategy seems to be over-saturation during a short time....more

Who Won #BrandBowl? Arianna Huffington and AOL in Overtime

My short blog about Bridgestone and Chevy winning #BrandBowl got scrapped before it could even get published this morning when I saw a tweet sometime after midnight announcing AOL bought The Huffington Post. Already in bed, the "What?" I yelled out loud caused my poor dog to jump up and look at me very confused....more

Oh Old Spice Man, Are You Trying To Break My Heart?

Dear Old Spice guy, I've loved you for months now, ever since you rode into my life on a horse, smelling like jet fighters and punching and offering diamonds and two tickets to that thing I love. I followed you on twitter and facebook. And just recently you returned to swan dive into the best night of my life. I've been deliriously happy ever since. Until yesterday, that is. ...more

I wonder if P&G is aware of the fact that we'd all like Mustafa to come to BlogHer - I mean, ...more

Wall of Fame: Hello, Ladies, the Old Spice Man Is Back (on a Motorcycle)

The Manmercial that shocked us with its originality back in February is back. As Contributing Editor Maria Niles said after the Super Bowl: In addition to being hilarious, the Old Spice ad succeeds where other commercials for male body washes fail -- not only do men see themselves in the ad, but it speaks directly to women. Win-Win. Hello, Old Spice Man. We've missed you and your many talents. ...more

I like them both! And I can only assume that crocker92 lives in a house built by women, drives a ...more