Who's Stupid Now?

For television commercials to work, someone has to be stupid. (Besides the ad agencies and the viewers, that is.)The basic "storyline" of most commercials is this: Someone has a problem. The advertiser solves the problem. And the peasants rejoice.The person with the problem must be portrayed as a real idiot who can't solve the problem alone.But who the idiot is has evolved....more

I Drive a Volkswagen, but I Love the Acura RDX Commercial (Thanks to Blondie)

 If you were a teenager in the 1980s then you'll remember Debbie Harry, the platinum-haired songstress known as Blondie....more

Ad Color adds color

It’s a play on words. We love that ship – hehe, ship --> read this – at the Ronay house.And one of us Ronay’s also loves getting dressed up and drinking fancy cocktails and all of the pre-party primping, too (mani/pedi, eyebrows, blowout. And a spray tan, of course.  Why, yes, I am from New Jersey. How’d you know?)....more

Has Red Robin Gone Too Far?

Over the last few years, Red Robin Commercials have invaded the airways of just about every television station. Most have a woman sitting in the restaurant trying to be funny, but I never liked any of her jokes. I originally began writing this post to address one of her lines and discovered another is getting serious attention as well....more

It's the little things...

Of course it's trivial, but then most things are. - John MalkovichIn larger things we are convivial; what causes trouble is the trivial. - Richard ArmourWhen you are in deep conflict about something, sometimes the most trivial thing can tip the scales. - Ethel Merman...more