Is Your Math Anxiety Hampering Your Child?

Your child comes home with math homework, that awful Common Core math homework no less. He needs help. The method being demonstrated is different from what you learned. How do you react? ...more
That's what I usually hear, too, that either a person loves or hates math! Now that my son is ...more

Bad Dad vs. Common Core Math

For those of you who haven’t been exposed to Bad Dad before, he’s my husband and he’s a little fresh. We usually don’t let him out around polite company, but once in a while he finds a way to sneak onto the blog and horrify me. If you haven’t met him before, I apologize in advance…...more

Coming to Terms with Common Core Math

I've struggled a lot with kindergarten this year.  Between the homework, our teacher's maternity leave and too much TV watching I've had a lot of frustrations. What really worries me going forward, though, is the Common Core standards that will be dominating my childrens' educations....more

What Happened to Teaching Math so Kids Actually Learn it?

Math.  Ugh.  What used to be the bane of most students’ existence is now becoming the bane of most parents’ existence.  Why?  Common Core.  ...more

The Truth About Common Core: Why Your Anger Is Misdirected

If you search the Internet for “Common Core,” you will get hundreds of hits about people who are angry about the “poison” that is the Common Core. They are all up in arms about how difficult materials are or how everything is focused on testing now. A recurring complaint I hear is how Common Core math is so hard for kids (and parents!) to understand. ...more
At last someone that understands and can explain what is really going on with common core.  I ...more

The Fuss About the Common Core State Standards

You may have heard a little about the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS), which have been adopted by more than 40 American states and territories. Apparently, there's some controversy about it, but it's not a one-sided issue. I'm going to boil it all down for you from my point of view (a teacher), because people who have kids or grandkids need to understand it, regardless of how they feel about it. What was wrong with the old standards?...more

Common Core Q&A with Former Michigan Gov. John Engler

Supporters of Common Core State Standards hope to level the playing field of the American public education system nationwide, touting the notion that educations attained under the new standards would be equal in preparing students for college and careers.But reactions to Common Core have been mixed, keeping PolitiFact busy separating fact from fiction....more
There are two sides to Common Core.  It's not necessarily the panacea it appears to be.  Diane ...more

Parent arrested for speaking out during Common Core meeting

Mr. Robert Small attended a Q & A session at his child's school in Maryland.  The concerned parents were told that questions would only be considered if they were written down and turned in BEFORE the meeting, which is how many school board meetings across the country about Common Core have been going.  The board members then weed out the questions they don't want to answer.  There are many complaints that the questions that ARE answered are reworded and do not include all the information that parents want answered about their childrens education....more