Twerk Team......Seriously??

As much as I hate to waste time on this subject, I feel that I have no choice.My 7-year-old daughter and I were in the mall at the cheer store when we ,unfortunately, came across this: ...more

Marriage Equality: Grow up, People.

It baffles me that people are so weirded out about letting gays and lesbians get married. Their arguments are ridiculous and illogical.Today I saw a new one. If you want to let everyone get married, then brothers and sisters could marry each other....more

Common Sense Guide To Blogging

Sooo, if you follow me on Twitter you might have caught my tweet about #thingsblogginghastaughtme. For a moment I was tempted to dust off my Twitter soapbox and go in about all the craziness I’ve noticed since I started blogging, but then I realized at the end of the day who would really give a “you know what” about my rant....more

We’re Book Smart, We’re Not Street Smart

When I met my husband, I felt we were evenly matched. Academically at least. He was adorably socially awkward and, well, I rarely shut up. The combination worked.His spatial and color-coordinating abilities are second-to-none, and my verbal and interpersonal skills seem to float us through the uncomfortable times.In general, we complement one another. Upon further inspection, however, any discerning eye will find a major deficit between us: common sense....more

What Not to Wear to Court

Recently I got to visit court.  Court is not like it appears on TV or in movies.  It is scary and intimidating.  As my lover and I stumbled our way through the process and found seats among the benches of the courtroom, I couldn’t help but notice some discrepancies among how folks were dressed.  I know every generation needs to set its own style and standards....more

Sense & Sensitivity

There's two sides to every story...This is mine ...more
Good for you! You look fantastic!more

Why Does Being Politically Correct Mean the Loss of Common Sense?

Remember when we were young and our imaginations let us be anyone, say anything, go anywhere? We held an altruistic view of life. We played Hide-and-Seek. Tag. Used crayons more than pencils. We jumped on the furniture and clung to walls so we wouldn't get burned by the floor that had become lava in our minds. The only dangers were those we chose to create....more
I've been wondering myself why people can't "agree to disagree" and move on. more

A child can bring common sense to reality.

If you really listen and see the world through a child's eyes, you're at least smart enough to realize they have a lot to teach us... like common sense. ~ Heather Piper ...more

Detaching From the Crutch: On Parenting Advice and GPS

Driving through narrow, winding roads on a wet and cold afternoon, I wonder (silently) if we are going the right way. After our second near miss of a head on collision, I speak up. "This doesn't seem right," I finally say, more than a little perturbed. ...more

You said it so well. It can be tough to weed through the abundance of information out there, but ...more

Am I the Only One?

Am I the Only One who thinks Garrison Keillor’s “Writer’s Almanac” is macabre, grim and downright depressing? I want to listen to NPR’s Morning Edition but not this downer death march of literature. I’ve thought of counting how many times he makes a reference to death, dying, suicide, and similar ideas in a given segment but I always lose count. And why should I? Instead I dive for the radio and turn it off or leave the room until he is done. I have to hope that any urgent news that may come right after his segment will be repeated. I think it is good that Mr....more