This Free Range Parenting Thing

It made the news here a few weeks ago about a family whose children aged 10 and 6 were reported to police as being alone.Police came upon the children and questioned them as to why they were alone and drove them home to their parents. Their parents knew they were alone, they were at the playground, together but alone. CPS is now involved....more

Bring It On, Mama

I've been a parent longer than most of you have been alive.  Here are a few observations I have made over these years.  Many of you won't like these, but time and experience and a couple of awesome grown-up babies of my own and a few thousand kids belonging to other people in my career have convinced me that these few simple rules are good ones. Please pay attention, for I speak truth....more
So many times I have wanted to say this to people! You go girlfriend!more

Random Ramblings: Common Sense

Sometimes I wonder what ever happened to common sense. Just regular ‘ole common sense. The kind of common sense that was once obvious…but now requires a warning label. Case in point: Fire Sprinkler. ...more

5 Important (but Random) Lessons Teens Need to Know

You thought you had a lot of lessons to teach your toddler? Well, I hate to break it to you, but potty training and spoon feeding are only messy in the literal terms when it comes to the lessons you will have to teach your teens and tweens. Most of our kids' friends are pretty smart and self-sufficient, but every now and then we'll talk about something and they have no idea how they would solve the issue. ...more
jaycee OMG yes!! I'm amazed at how many of my friends kids have NO clue how to do the most basic ...more

Twerk Team......Seriously??

As much as I hate to waste time on this subject, I feel that I have no choice.My 7-year-old daughter and I were in the mall at the cheer store when we ,unfortunately, came across this: ...more

Marriage Equality: Grow up, People.

It baffles me that people are so weirded out about letting gays and lesbians get married. Their arguments are ridiculous and illogical.Today I saw a new one. If you want to let everyone get married, then brothers and sisters could marry each other....more

Common Sense Guide To Blogging

Sooo, if you follow me on Twitter you might have caught my tweet about #thingsblogginghastaughtme. For a moment I was tempted to dust off my Twitter soapbox and go in about all the craziness I’ve noticed since I started blogging, but then I realized at the end of the day who would really give a “you know what” about my rant....more

What Not to Wear to Court

Recently I got to visit court.  Court is not like it appears on TV or in movies.  It is scary and intimidating.  As my lover and I stumbled our way through the process and found seats among the benches of the courtroom, I couldn’t help but notice some discrepancies among how folks were dressed.  I know every generation needs to set its own style and standards....more

Sense & Sensitivity

There's two sides to every story...This is mine ...more
Good for you! You look fantastic!more

Why Does Being Politically Correct Mean the Loss of Common Sense?

Remember when we were young and our imaginations let us be anyone, say anything, go anywhere? We held an altruistic view of life. We played Hide-and-Seek. Tag. Used crayons more than pencils. We jumped on the furniture and clung to walls so we wouldn't get burned by the floor that had become lava in our minds. The only dangers were those we chose to create....more
I've been wondering myself why people can't "agree to disagree" and move on. more