How to: Knowing yourself

"...we have an underlying character comprised of many layers which need to be explored."   ...more

How to Have Difficult Conversations With More Confidence and Ease

How do you handle difficult conversations? Are you adept at managing that difficult client? Can you converse with your boss on challenging issues with aplomb? Do you effectively manage any toxic people in your life? No one is immune to the need to have crucial conversations at different times. The key to success is being willing to have the conversations you most need to and managing yourself (emotions, energy and impact) in the process. ...more

Great point mashadutoit.... Email is critical for follow-up, recapping, and documentation, ...more

Communicating with Clarity and Confidence

What you say is only as important as what is heard and understood by the listener. Too often, our messages are obscured by the structure of the communication. Even worse is when we are unaware of the gap between what is intended and the message received. Communication and language are a function of the environment you are in – your organization’s culture. In order to deliver your intended message with clarity and confidence, the structure and word choice should be consistent with that organizational culture. This article provides some suggestions on building awareness of how word choice influences how the message is received. We will also look at how word choice influences perceptions, that is, whether the speaker is seen as credible and confident, or uncertain and evasive. By becoming aware of how language is used around you, you can begin to reduce the gap between your intent and the message received. Read the rest at Read Solutions Group Leadership Blog. ...more